Can anyone tell me why roundups don’t work on some transactions?


They don’t work on direct debits, transactions under £1 or if you’re in your overdraft

Just decisions Monzo made

The under £1 thing is due to 1p active card checks which get reversed

Thanks, this was for purchases at the local M&S.

Do you have round ups turned on? I’ve had round ups from M&S before so it’s not expected behaviour

You’re being a little vague with the details. Is it all your M&S transactions or just a recent one?

I do and it works on everything else, except credit transfers.

Was your balance at the time high enough that the round up wouldn’t have taken your balance below zero?

Two separate payments within the last week.


It won’t work on credit transfers I’m afraid (although I’m not entirely clear on what this means). Just debits from using your debit card that are over £1 and when you’ve got a positive balance.

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It’s a mystery, I’ll see what happens when I next shop there. Thanks anyway.

If it keeps happening then ask in app chat to see what’s going on.

You could try toggling the round up button on the pot off and back on to see if that sorts it somehow