Joint account pots and DD round up ideas


Not sure if anyone else has these ideas but here goes!

Firstly, my Wife and I both have Monzo accounts and a joint account. On all three accounts we use the ‘round up’ function to save into pots. This means we have three pots, each with small amounts in, ideally I’d like to have just the one, a main pot. I know I could manually transfer the money from my pot into the joint pot when it got to a certain amount, but that would be hassle and would involve my Wife also remembering to do it! Could a ‘round up’ function on a joint account work that pulls from multiple sources, I.e m account and my Wife’s?

Secondly, I have DD’s that Come out of my account that are awkward numbers for budgeting, for example £32.45. I’d like to be able to set the amount to show on my budget as £35 and the difference automatically put into my savings pot. This will make my budget look cleaner, help me mentally portion my money and save a bit extra each month!

Again, sorry if any of these ideas have come up before and I hope that I’ve articulated them clearly so it’s simple to understand!

Thanks for reading!

The round up DD has been suggested a few times but the sweep into JA pot I can see working for people.

Right now you’d have to go through ~14 screens to achieve this manually on each Personal account and of course you’d have to remember too. It’s a bit niche though and I’m not sure that I can see Monzo working on it. What would be great is if IFTTT was extended a bit then this would be achievable as an individual requirement.

If the API allows movement between accounts it could be done on there but I’ve not touched that yet so maybe someone who has could advise?

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