Incorrect transaction amount

Issue: I’m seeing two amounts for the same transaction. On the transaction list it’s one amount, and on the transaction details it’s another. This was a refund. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s still the same.

Details to reproduce: Get a refund from Stadia I guess.
OS: Android 10 5 June 2020 Security Patch
Device: Pixel 2XL
App Version: 3.36.0


It says £0.51 added to pot.

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Yep but that would bring it up to £14.
On the transaction screen it’s showing as £12.98, which would only be 2p added to the pot.

It’s the difference between the amounts on each screen I don’t understand, I’ve had Monzo long enough to understand the pots :slight_smile::+1:

Or do you mean it’s ADDED 51p to be the amount? To bring it up to £13.49?

If so, why is it doing this? Shouldn’t it round to the next pound?

I can’t claim to understand what’s going on, exactly, but the difference is £0.51.

It’s definitely weird. It’s not an exchange rate issue either as it’s in GBP.

A reverse round up? A round down, maybe.

Something round-related at least!
In a roundabout way…

£13.49 in less £0.51 added to the pot is £12.98. It’s the total of the two transfers.

Of course I have no clue why a deposit was rounded.

I think the thing that throws me more than the amount, is why they’re different in the app?
On the transaction list it’s one amount, yet when you tap it the amount changes…

That’s the way roundups work?

Of course, sorry.
Think I’m just thrown as to why it’s rounded to the random amount instead of the next pound.
Oh well, not a major issue, just weird.

It’s rounded it as if it were a payment. I’m assuming it was a refund (so a card transaction) and I guess roundups haven’t been coded to cater for them so it was treated as if it were a payment meaning 51p rounded up “on top of” £12.49.

Wouldn’t that mean I’d get 51p more refund? :slight_smile:

Only if it understood refunds. I contend that it does not so ignores the sign and treats it a payment and transfers to the pot rather than withdrawing from it.

This definitely sounds a bit weird! It’s not too easy to work out what’s happened, could you drop us a message via chat so we can have a look for you? :pray:t3:

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Will do :+1:

Hey Dan, I’ve reached out to support and I’m currently on my second advisor who ‘took over’ three hours after I replied to the first advisor, asking for the same details I provided the first advisor.
I’m a Monzo fan, but this isn’t a great experience…


I’m sorry about this - in the interest of transparency I’ve dropped you a DM to get some personal information which we wouldn’t want shared in the public domain :blush:

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I’ve now had 5 advisors, and they’re basically admitted the app is wrong and my statement is right. I asked if this is a bug and they’ve said it isn’t??
I’m sorry surely if it’s unintended behaviour and doesn’t match the statement then it’s a bug?
My app should match my statement, otherwise you are showing me unreliable information about my finances.