Rounding up Transactions Pot Issue

Hello Monzo,

I created a Pot and enabled round up Transaction but unfortunately it’s stoped working sinces today?

Support said reinstall app tried it but does not work.

Any advice

Are you in overdraft or low balance?

In what way isn’t it working?

  • How much did you spend?
  • Was it a card translation?
  • Are you in your overdraft?

You’ve got to give us some more details in order for us to help.

Spent £0.80 and it norm rounds it up to £1.00

No I don’t have an overdraft it was a card transaction via chip and pin

I don’t think it rounds anything up below £1.00.


As far as I know, it doesn’t. (I was just checking some other threads.)

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Can confirm, under £1 does not round up

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from the help section in app -

It doesn’t round up transactions under £1 :slight_smile:

Why was he told to delete and reinstall though? If the transaction was under £1 then they should have known that was the reason


I guess it depends if they were immediately aware of a response, it seems like a default textbook response to a lot of issues. Employee just probably defaults to that response to save themselves time rather than look into the issue that little bit more. Laziness would probably be my guess

It’s a good point!

My guess would be because they are stretched and support times are slow, if they get a vague question they just give a default answer. This way they cut out a lot of back and forth adding further delays? :man_shrugging:

To be fair a remove and reinstall generally solves most issues but for the sake of the 3 questions I asked it is inexcusable :confused:


Seems to be the default answer to any problem brought up to support or on here, and it irks me.

It fixes a lot of things and is a good thing to try

but not when theres nothing to fix

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Do we know the reasoning for this? Is it because the round up can be larger than the purchase itself? If so why draw the line there in particular?

So it doesn’t round active card checks


Yes, that

The previous comment from @Rika backing that up:


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