Round Down Balance Option

The round up transaction option for sending money to pots is nice but my balance tends to end up with some number of pence more often than not regardless.

It would be nice if there was a round Down Balance option as well which is almost identical except it guarantees that after each transaction your balance will be £N.00

I don’t understand how this would work.

I pay £2.45 for something, what is that rounded down to and why? Am I being really thick here?

I think @Digicrest means that you have an account balance of £100.00. A direct debit takes £90.01, leaving you with a balance of £9.99

A round up/down feature would then put this £0.99 into a pot to ensure your balance ends in £x.00



Other scenario - you make a transaction in a foreign currency. Money is added to a pot at the exchange rate at the time. Before the transaction settles, the exchange rate swings by enough that the round-up is rendered incorrect, so now your overall balance no longer ends with £x.00

So round down would resolve this by moving everything after the . in your current balance to a pot.

(I made a foreign currency transaction earlier this week, and having just checked the app, my balance now ends £x.98. TBH, I think I’ll just take two pennies out of the pot to fix it :sweat_smile:)

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Ahhh just me being thick then, that makes perfect sense!