Rollout of the new card for everyone

When is Monzo hoping everyone gets on the new current account? Been anxiously waiting for my new card

Are you an existing customer or a new customer in the queue?

If the former, just search for “Current Account upgrade” in the help section of the app, fill in the form and you should be offered an account shortly after :+1:

i am an existing customer

This post:
suggests everyone is on the whitelist for a Current Account so it should be as simple in looking for the banner in the app at the bottom of the page.

Hi I’ve been waiting months for my “invite” to the current account…still waiting! Why can we not just apply via app or online and tick either new or existing customer online? I keep being told to look for it in banner but it isn’t there.

Deborah, look three posts up!

Mine came up with the banner yesterday, orderer my new card

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