Has anyone used LeakBot? I got it free with HomeServe about a year ago. I just received an email to say I hadn’t quite turned a tap off. Pretty cool! You just clip it to the pipe next to your stopcock and it uses temperature to work out when the tiniest amount of water is flowing. Very clever.


Sounds cool. ^^ Is ”clip it to the pipe” really as easy as it sounds?

Yes. It’s as easy as clipping a name badge onto your top pocket, assuming you have good access to the pipe. I had to find mine behind a disused freezer, and then they had to send me a better aerial but it worked in the end. Be interesting to see how long the battery lasts.

£150 to tell me I have left a tap on? :joy_cat:

Yeah as I say, I didn’t pay that. It’s more useful for hidden leaks, which can cause damage before you realise they’re there. Reminds me of when Monzo had the idea of using slightly higher water bills to spot leaks, but this is way quicker.

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