Roadmap Updates 🚀

@Naji has updated it in the last week or two.

Looks like @Tristan is busy updating it now :slight_smile:


I notice there is a lot of stuff marked as Done which I am guessing is only on iPhone (or maybe even just on prepay). Things like pots, energy switching…?


I notice and bill splitting have now been moved to “Done”. Is this true on Android as well? Doesn’t seem to be there for me, or is it only on future purchases? Given that you can type your own URL for, should there not be a button for doing it too, unrelated to any particular purchase you might want paying back for?

I think it might be worthwhile for you to wait for the imminent Android update and then reassess. We know Monzo intended of this to be out earlier in this week but had to hold it back to fix something.

Ok. Does “Done” just mean ready to be released then?

I don’t know, I don’t have any inside knowledge of Monzo’s development process. I’m just saying that given we know a significant Android update is on the cusp of being released, it’s worth waiting a few days for it to come out and then reassess before worrying that features are being left out.

Ah right. I thought there was a release due today for Beta users. Must have misunderstood somewhere.

I’m not sure when the Android betas are released, but either way, I’d wait for the beta (today, tomorrow, etc.) and then see if the features marked “Done” are in it, rather than comparing to the old version you currently have.

Well that’s what I wondered. It’s not always obvious whether you’ve got a new version or not, unless you can see new features. I can see card topups, so I thought the release might have happened

Top ups were shipped in the previous release but turned off behind a feature flag. We just flipped the switch today :pray:


Ah thanks! So pots, bill splitting and are not happening today, even on Beta?

Ah, I misunderstood. On iOS we get a notification when a new beta (TestFlight) version is ready. Is there no way on Android to check what version you’re running and when that version was released?

You can see the version, but not the date, and there’s no notification

Not sure what you guys are seeing… Used yesterday and can see bill spliting on iOS :thinking:

I’m on Android Beta. All we have so far is card topups

Don’t forget Android Pay! :wink:

I meant of the things that were either due today (or so I thought), or the stuff that has now been marked as “Done” on the roadmap.

Few updates on the roadmap today :eyes::+1:


Rules for Pots and CASS moved to medium term from short term :thinking:

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