Android + iOS crowdfunding

(Adam Hockley) #1

Any more details Android + iOS crowdfunding @hugo can we get some previews

Ideas for 'perks' for investing in our crowdfunding
(Naji Esiri) #2

Hey Adam, we’re looking to launch our next crowdfunding round in the next couple of months🙌! We want to make sure the process is more democratic this time, and will be communicating how best to get involved with plenty of time to spare. This may be via e-mail, via the app, via our social media platforms or most likely a combination!


@Naji Is there a hard limit for what will be invested in total? As in, if that target is reached before I get there I miss out?

(Marta) #4

Even though I’m very fresh user and still getting to know Monzo, I’m keen to participate.
I really hope it’s accessible for everyone without a hassle.

(James Billingham) #5

Does the integration with the iOS & Android apps mean you will not be working with Crowdcube?

(Tristan Thomas) #6

We’ll have more details about how exactly it’ll work soon :slight_smile:

Competitor update
(Adam Hockley) #7

Crowdcube is decent @tristan

(Matthew Farrington ) #8

I wanted to get involved last time with the crowdfunding. How about this time not having a limit maybe so that everyone gets a chance to invest as id love to but can’t always be around especially with my work. It defiantly needs to be made fairer this time around.