Ring fencing direct debits from spending in joint accounts

There may be a way to do this but can’t find the answer.
My wife and I have recently moved our personal accounts over to Monzo. We both really love the way Monzo works, and think it is the future of banking. However, historically we have had two joint accounts with our previous bank. One for joint expenses such as food and fuel and the other for committed payments such as direct debits for energy, subscriptions etc

The idea of this was to ring fence the direct debit payments, so there could be no inadvertent spending on joint transactions, always leaving the correct amount of funds for the committed bills, that tend to leave the account staggered throughout the month.
This has worked quite nicely until now, and was wondering how we can achieve the same sort of thing with Monzo?

Or is there an easy way to manage your committed spending vs general expenditure in a joint account that I am missing here? Would this be how we would use pots?

It sounds like the Bills Pot feature would be useful for you:


Yes! That looks like the one we need! Thank you

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Hi Tristan & welcome :wave:

Bills pot(s) on the Joint Account work really well for this.
Bear in mind only Scheduled payments/Standing orders and Direct Debits can be assigned to a Bills pot. So the typical Amazon/Netflix/Google/Microsoft subscriptions which were set-up online as ‘card payments’ (actually called a CPA - Continuous Payment Authorisation) can’t be ‘paid’ from the Bills pot. Such CPA’s will be taken from the main account regularly without warning so have a little wiggle-room in your forecasting/budgeting.

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Great, thanks for the info, David.