Joint accounts- restrictions to only one

My husband and I have 2 joint accounts with our current bank; one which our salaries are credited to and our general spending is used for and another (which we call our bills account) which receives a standing order from our salary account when we each get paid, to cover all our bills.

This is mainly to ensure we keep our bill money separate and know what we have to spend each month

I’ve been told Monzo can’t offer a 2nd joint account which has stopped us from moving our accounts over however, I’m now thinking that the account keeps the bills separate in a pot as scheduled payments therefore, we would know what was available to spend minus these scheduled payments and not find ourselves with not enough funds to cover a bill. Would this be the case?


That is true. You could set up a pot with all the money for bills in

Plus monzo is working on making the money automatically come out of the pot to pay specific bills so no more needing to move money across

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Thanks Don!

So, would this show as committed spending therefore, not show in my ‘available ‘ balance? I’m a nightmare for spending what I don’t have and it makes hubby a nervous wreck! :woman_shrugging:t2::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Myself and my partner have the same thing. We have a NatWest joint account which we use for our direct debits and Monzo joint account for our general spending.

Slightly different being that our pay goes into our separate accounts then we transfer in but there is nothing stopping you put all your money in the monzo joint account and then doing a scheduled payment to another bank of your choices joint account.

As Don has said Monzo are working on “commited spending” pots.

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Thanks Oli

Makes sense but the idea would be to have all our banking under one roof so to speak…seems redundant to move to Monzo to then depend on old bank for bills account…

Banking under on roof I would say is only a few months away as it is one of the most requested thing on the forum (commited spending pot).

Bills are bill throw the NatWest joint account the money it need then the spending account we have see what’s being spent and have some proper tracking. It works for us but different strokes for different folks

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It would definitely work for us also but yeah, I’d like the idea of one bank for all, cheers for replying. :ok_hand:t3:

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What’s on your pot is separate from left to spend so it wouldn’t show on that.

The only downside is you need to transfer the money back the day before. Though if you didn’t monzo give you a notification and a second chance the same day to transfer the money
And as I said they are working on making this automated

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Suppose that would work, would need to be on top of things thought…notifications would help. Here’s to the automated service becoming available soon. :crossed_fingers:t4:

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While Monzo won’t issue a 2nd Joint Account, to have the single Joint Account you first have to have a Personal Account each.

So if you both have an individual Personal account and a ‘shared’ Joint Account - this could work for you?
Transferring money between Personal/Joint accounts is very easy and if you use the Joint as the ‘Parent’ account and the Personals as ‘child’ accounts, you could manage your money effectively under one banking roof.

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I am interested why you’d like to keep it all under one roof.

I’ve seen this approach many times on the forum, it seems to trump other considerations, and then people get annoyed when Monzo can’t accommodate this, or aren’t the best provider.

Being as you already have a relationship with one bank, presumably there is something better about Monzo for either the spending part, and/or the billing part. So whilst it’s not possible to move over both at this time, what exactly prevents you moving over one?

If it’s just the overriding need to have everything under one roof, is this really worth it?

Just interested where this thought comes from, really.

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Hi Jamie

I suppose like many other things, it’s simply personal preference and perhaps not necessarily a, ‘concept.’ For me, it’s not a case of who comes up trumps nor shall I become angry with Monzo, far from it.

If I was overly satisfied with my existing financial provider, I’m not sure I would move accounts; considering to change providers would be an emotive move and speaking for myself, one which I would think makes more sense to port all products. Logging in and out of two banks and moving money between them seems to me to be more hassle than what I currently have and somewhat goes against the ideal of Monzo being a one size fits all provider.

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Thanks for the reply. I was trying to understand how different people do things… differently.

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The other option is just to use Summary. It knows your committed outgoings (assuming they don’t vary much), and shows you what you’ll have left after bills, so you don’t even need a Pot.

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We’ve kept bills like mortgage, utilities, council tax and car lease with our legacy joint account. We have a Monzo joint account to pay groceries, petrol, cleaners etc. Reasons are a) separation of “must pay” stuff from ad hoc spending and b) availability of an overdraft on the legacy bank joint account “just in case”.


How about trying having a Monzo JA for spending for a few months to see how it suits you?

If it doesn’t work out, you can easily go back to your current current accounts :+1:

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