Joint Account Query

I have fully switched to Monzo and have a joint account with my wife.

As there is no overdraft feature on the Joint account what would happen in the following scenario;
A direct debit/card payment was due to come out from the account, there was £0 in the account however there were various pots (Regular pots/easy access savings pot) that had money in to cover the direct debit/payment.

Would the direct debit/payment fail or would it be taken from the pots?

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The card payment would fail as card payments can’t be taken from pots

If the direct debit was set to come from the pot it would go through if there was enough in the pot

I’m not sure they’re taking about bill pots.

With no bill pots for the direct debit it would also fail. It would however have a retry button so you could empty one of your pots to your main account and try again.

If you’ve setup a bill pot for the direct debit it’ll use those funds as well as your main balance.

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And you’d also get a notification the day before telling you that you’re going to be short. This gives you yet another chance to move some money over :slight_smile: