Yeah, it can be hard until there are system changes, but I think every little change can add up enough to force a system change, and something like covid can definitely help to push things toward another base of attraction. I also feel like as the younger generation start getting in to power at companies, decide what company to work at based on more than just salary, or create companies themselves that start pressuring larger companies, then that’ll help. Monzo being an example of that.

On a separate note, our latest podcast episode is the most interesting we’ve done I think, it’s on fungi and mycology.

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Is your podcast on Apple’s podcasts app too? I’ll be subscribing to it if it is!

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I’ve also just started listening to the Knepp Estate podcast, which seems really good so far.

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It’s 4am - couldn’t sleep - and fell on this thread. What a great start to the day :blush:

Love the whole concept - no-brainer.


I can certainly sympathise with not sleeping very well, particularly now it’s a bit warmer, glad you enjoyed the thread though, welcome!

I was just curious, for anyone that ended up signing up, how’re you finding it?

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Hi paul! Welcome back here!

I haven’t signed up to be a Mossy Earth member as yet. Not for lacking of wanting, but more due to commitments I already have for other causes and charities.

I have personally found a lot of inspiration in what you’re doing. I’ve rewilded my gardens almost completely now, and tried educating a few nosey neighbours who like to complain or insult it. The hardest part is dealing with the bees in spring! To me they’re as scary as wasps when they come flying at you!

A hedgehog has moved into a section of one of the gardens too. We keep an eye on it though because we have a lot of pets, and the cats have a tendency to kill small animals. We only discovered it when the dog found it and decided it was a toy for prodding with paws and barking at!

Both myself personally, and my business were actually recently quite heavily involved with the Rewild The Royals campaign! Though I didn’t get to be there in person in London unfortunately. Feels like they listened though, and hopefully we see action as a result!

Rewinding is a movement that, surprisingly, seems to be resonating with so many people! Especially younger folk! I never expected so many people to care.

Do Mossy Earth have any plans for different pricing tiers? I’ve shown them to quite a few people over the months and a lot of them feel a £10 monthly commitment is too big an ask. Especially students who would otherwise love to get involved.


Hey Tom,

Sorry, I read this and then forgot to reply…

Yeah, that’s completely fair enough and understandable around having other commitments.

Awesome to hear you’ve found inspiration in what we’re doing though! Have you been following the YouTube channel? Haha, any luck with educating your neighbours? Yeah, has taken a bit of a mental shift myself to become comfortable with bees, but getting there, and I do like seeing them in the garden. My opinion on wasps changed after a podcast I listened to as well, although they are harder to get used to…

Yeah, it’s been heartening to see how many people resonate with rewilding, and it does really seem to be gaining momentum.

Yeah, the price has come up a few times, and has traditionally been based on an average person’s footprint. Although as we transition more focus to rewilding, it might make sense to offer a £5 option as well. Although the normal trade-off of extra new people vs reduced revenue from people that might have signed up anyway, probably worth us experimenting with though, I’ll bring it up with the team again :slight_smile:

We do offer memberships as gifts, which start at £30 for the year, so that’s a cheaper option, or an introductory way in.


Yep! Seen quite a few of your YouTube videos pop up in my recommendations! Great videos!

I’ve gotten into the habit of assigning my neighbours their own animal crossing personalities. The Snooty and Cranky ones just like to find something to complain about! Some do listen and take a vested interest though, other’s think it’s nothing more than an excuse to be lazy and unkempt. I’ve had lots of folk try to refer me to their gardeners though, to fix mine up! :sweat_smile:

I may not have the prettiest gardens in my neighbourhood, but I’ve grown a new-found appreciation for the beauty in the impurities and imperfections of nature.

Yeah, younger people are really starting to jump onto these movements. It’s wonderful. I think there’s a bit of a generational divide here though that’s quite distinct. Rewilding your own gardens seems to be at odds with societal values, traditions, and expectations, in particular that your lawn is kept freshly mowed and perfectly tidy.

Perhaps it may worth exploring options exclusive to students by way of lower membership fees and volunteer opportunities, or reaching out to schools for educational events and getting them involved, perhaps rewilding some of the school’s land. I recall back when I was in School, there was a thing where we each got to plant our own tree in one of the school’s fields as part a reforestation project. That was pretty awesome, and would be great to see similar things for rewilding.

The campaigns I’ve been involved in have garnered a lot of support from students and schools, more so than any other demographic. I feel like there’s a lot untapped there.

Wasn’t aware of this! I think that’s awesome. I’m a big fan of giving things like this as gifts. My mom loves Elephants, so every year, for Christmas I gift her an annual adoption of Bon Deni from the Sheldrick Wildlife trust. She loves Elephants, they’re a charity that do a tremendously good thing, and excel better than most at making the act of donating/sponsoring/adopting very engaging, worthwhile and rewarding experience in its own right.

A Mossy Earth membership would make for a perfect gift for my brother.

edit: fixed a lot of typos because I hit reply before I had time to proof read my post.


Thanks! I hope you’re subscribed :wink:

Yeah, there’s something about being in amongst life.

Really interesting idea! I’ll raise it with the team.

Yeah, we haven’t been that great at making them obvious, but doing a big push in the lead up to Christmas, and then hopefully it’ll be more obvious and seamless on the site going forwards e.g. it should be nicer to gift a membership to someone that already has a membership soon so that they get extra trees/ add more funds to rewilding projects.

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