Community Caretaker 👋

Hey there Community :wave:

I want to make a post to give a little update.

You’ll see me posting a good bit more on the Community and that’s because I’ve been given the excellent position of Community Caretaker.

I’m based in Scotland so think of me as the Community’s version of Groundskeeper Willie, minus all the stereotypes.

I’ll be about almost everyday and can’t wait to get more input from the Community. We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the space and therefore I’ll be helping to make sure that our Code of Conduct is being followed.

We also want to hear from you regarding what you want to see from the Community in future. Do you have questions for specific parts of the business?

You can feel free to message me directly if you have anything regarding the Community that you want to discuss.



Hello :wave:

Are you replacing someone? Is it a growth position - ie the community keeps getting busier?


Hi there Alan :wave:

We always love a deep dive, of course

Also there was a lovely thread from the official Twitter account the other day about Monzo turning five that I did not see here

It would be good to see more content like that here from time to time :tada:



How long have you been working for monzo , what was your position before this.

Oh, that would have been nice to see on the forum. Didn’t realise


Will we ever see the return of trello? :eyes:

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Hi @AlanDoe!

Great to see you on here. As I’ve said to @simonb before, Monzo have been a bit absent on here the last year or so (apart from @bruno’s amazing engagement during the redesign) so I’m looking forward to seeing more questions answered and mysteries solved. The increased transparency around Plus came and went in a matter of weeks before Xmas, so hopefully we won’t just be talking to each other in speculation mode as much if you can enlighten us on those things…good luck!


Agree with the above RE Twitter

Many things are discussed and actioned outside of this community that we have no involvement in. It would be nice to see more cohesion across all mediums.

That doesn’t mean someone from Monzo just drops a topic and leaves without getting involved or answering questions - which also happens a lot.


Not just a lot, every. single. time. :grimacing:

It’s blam

here’s a link to a new blog post

or blam

here’s what we are building/planning what do you think?

with close to zero follow up.

99.9% of those threads are filled with:

  • :drooling_face: Devoted customers, that you could have put out a turd wrapped in glitter and its the best thing ever.

  • :crazy_face: Confused customers, that asked the same question thats already been asked 100x before.

  • :innocent: Helpful customers, trying to answer those questions but mostly guessing from common sense as Monzo haven’t bothered to step in and answer them so nobody knows for sure.

  • :face_with_monocle: Speculative customers, that whip up misinformation.

  • :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Angry customers, why didn’t you build x you fucks !?

  • :smirk: Trolling customers, Starling already does this… and for free.

  • :neutral_face: Indifferent customers, meh my legacy Lloyds account already does Cheque Imaging.

All swirling round in a big circle until it gets closed or fizzes out.

Needs a lot more answering Qs, and then editing the OP so we aren’t getting the same Q asked again and can refer to it. A lot more responding with good idea we’ll take that onboard, rather than just lurking hoovering them up as it feels like talking to a brick wall.


Mmm, you’ve hit the nail on the head here.

Hopefully we haven’t scared Alan off and he comes back to join in with their own thread.

Can you ask @tom how he’s doing with his pottery, and if he has any plans to appear on The Great Pottery Throw Down, I quite like that show and reckon he could win it with his skills.


Do you also predict the lottery numbers?


Do we need professional standards for psychics?


Welcome Alan! :raised_hands:

How many hours a week are your dedicated to the forum?


Hey Rob :wave:

Not replacing anyone! It’s a situation that Monzo has decided that the Community needs a bit more attention and support so that why I’m here. :smiley:


Thanks for the welcome Michael :tada:

I can definitely link in closer with the planned Social activity that there is and makes sure that the Community isn’t missing out as much to world of Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.


Hey Phil :wave:

This is great feedback and I’ll 100% take it on board and make sure that it’s communicated widely to the teams who come to the Community to announce new Monzo world activity.

If you spot any in the meantime, feel free to tag me :ok_hand:


Thanks for reinforcing that opinion Ordog :+1:

I will be making sure this will be getting addressed as soon as possible and highlight that we want to communicate news simultaneously.

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Sounds good. I look forward to seeing how things progress :slight_smile:

Now any chance of getting the transport icon changed back to a car so we can vote on it properly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I still have a car for that