Revolut Pride Edition Card

Don’t know if anyone is interested in this but Revolut Launch there pride card tomorrow morning only 30,000 cards and its first come first serve, for any card collectors out there who fancy grabbing something exclusive.

It also updates in Apple Pay.

To get it just go to the card section tomorrow in the morning!


They’re free also.

What time will they be available ?

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Early morning from what the team at Revolut are saying.

Launch is a shit show… been waiting 3 hours since launch and no card yet. Twitter account is just saying “soon” twitter in full revolut people are mad and threatening to close accounts…

Dear god…




It’s available now

I’ve got one :grin:

I got one. Messy launch, everyone seems happy now so yeh its alright I guess


Update your app and then it will appear I’ve got mine on the way it came up at 8:30AM GMT for me anyway if that’s any help.

Just ordered mine! I love how it looks in Apple Pay as well, I hope it’s as nice in person :blush:



I had to follow these steps for it to show in app - just ordered

I managed to get one. :3 Registered a new account to get one specifically, as… yeah, I quite like rainbows. For… entirely obvios reasons. :monzopride:
I wish Monzo had a rainbow card though. Replacing red with Hot Coral, of course…


Bagged mine earlier. Can’t see the option to add it to Google Pay, though.

Got mine. I may go to Pride now :laughing:

It is a nice touch, nice to see all who wanted managed to bag one! Enjoy all

I manually added mine, using the long 16-digit number, Expiry date and CSV displayed in the app. :slight_smile:

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I got mine, quite looking forward to seeing it in real life.

I recently realised I signed up to Monzo as a way to keep my ‘spending money’ separate to all my important money, and now it’s all mixed up. Until there’s a way to set up direct debits or whatever to come out of pots, I might drop some spending money on Revolut to give it a try.

Got mine too!!

Got mine too did it early in the morning :slight_smile: look forward to seeing it in person when it arrives.

They still have them available if anyone wants one (try logging out and in again if its not showing)