Revolut Pride Edition Card

Cheers. I didn’t know about this. Just got mine too.

I’m still trying. Where would it show up please?

You go to the card tab and add a new physical card, under color you should see the rainbow card.

Thank you.

I had app version 5.52 installed. You need version 5.54, for some reason there wasn’t an update shown and my version was the latest installed!

However I deleted and reinstalled the app and the option was there. Just in case anyone else is wondering.

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Did anyone get their physical card? The app said mine was posted on 2 July but I never got it. I’ve seen photos on social media of other people using theirs :confused:

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Seem to remember them saying 15 days for delivery (or something like that)?

Still waiting as of yesterday but a chat with one of their chaps suggested up to 12 days before panicking. (Chat response was about 15 seconds, by the way - that’s a huge leap forward from the bad old days).

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Most of the people who received theirs had express shipping with the Revolut subscription. I’m still waiting for my card aswell.


My email from the beginning of July said I’d get it by the 12th (i.e. tomorrow), so I’m just going to have to keep waiting!

Aha, good point. I went for free delivery so that’ll be it. :blush:

I got mine 48 hours after ordering the card.

So should arrive tomorrow…

Mines finally arrived:

All the important details are on the back.


In my opinion this is how the Monzo cards should look with all the details on the back, clean, clear and classy.

I think Monzo missed a trick here with their new business cards, they would of looked great in the silver grey with no details shown, oh well, maybe one day

Hopefully @jackcully and the business crew will look at this in the future.


Pride or no Pride, it’s a fine looking card. :two_hearts:

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Are these still available to order? Sorry slow to the hype lol!

Yeah I had Starling for a while, and that’s what they do - I too think it looks better

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Just got mine and actually very impressed. The look, the quality, the feel, the back of the card… Excellent.

Monzo, use their manufacturer…


‘Fraid not, it was a limited supply.

The fact the chip isn’t centered in the yellow bar is making me uneasy :expressionless:

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