Great to see bank transfer available!


Now it’s more like a proper bank account, even better!

Wasn’t using the coral card as my main card but now Monzo is convincing me!

3D secure please!
Card in non-coral color please!

Good job, guys!


maybe that will be an option on their planned American accounts

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Why do you think so? Traditionally British bank cards are far more plain and boring than American ones.


it was a joke about his spelling


You’ve also got a sort code and account number so you can get your salary paid in and your Direct Debits coming out :+1:

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Well spotted :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m confused. What’s new?


Guessing @zhaoyu only upgraded recently :slight_smile:


I upgrades all my apps as soon as they are released.

But I was quite disappointed that money could only flow to my Monzo account but will never come out unless I spend it…

Then I opened Monzo today to clear the red dots on the corner and found bank transfer!!!

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I wondered that, but surely those features were all described in detail in multiple messages the prepays have been sent by now?

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Roland was referring to upgrading to the current account from prepay - not just upgrading the app. I have no idea what red dots are, but the current account has always had bank transfers


I mean notifications on the app icon in iOS.

I upgraded to CA in December I think.

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Right - so what’s just changed? (Not that it matters - I’m just curious now!)


Feb statement is out, and I’ve got a golden ticket LOL

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