Revised Payment Notification

Bear with my while I explain this scenario.

So, I made an order for a co-op same day delivery on Friday evening which totalled £25.66. I have roundups setup so £0.34 was moved to a pot. Received the usual Monzo transaction notification and everything tallied up in my feed - a total of £26.00 was debited from my account.

As part of this order they did not have an item in stock and I got an email saying the revised total for the groceries would be £22.49.

On Saturday once everything had been processed my transaction now shows the correct total of £22.49.

However, I think it would be good to have a notification next to payments like these where the total has been revised by the merchant. It would help me tally up and reconcile payments, as it stands there is a debit of £22.49 and a roundup of £0.34 so if I hadn’t been aware of the change in price from co-op it would leave me confused.

I would use Notes for this function, perhaps alongside a # keyword to find later.