Push notification when pre-auth amount changes

They have implemented this for fuel station pay at pump only. This is a suggestion to fix for all other situations. E.g.

  • 10p Auth put through changes to £2 charge quite often in buses outside of London
  • issues in shops where transactions appear in monzo as pending but the shop’s till system declines and the money isn’t collected/transaction changes to £0
  • restaurants in the USA where the transaction may go through at a base $100 and then a week later changes to $120 as tip was added on. This alert should let me know so that I can check that was my intention and not an error the server typed in a wrong amount

And any other situations where the amount increases or decreases after the original notification

This seems to be more and more of an issue for me. Co-op delivery now Auth 1 amount then settle a different amount based on subs/out of stocks. It’s difficult to keep track/make sure you agree without these notifications. It’s 1 of the main sells of monzo that we get notified real time of transactions - it just seems like a miss we don’t get a notification when the money is taken and it’s more or less than the initial auth

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