Notification on cleared transactions with different final amount


It would be really good if there was a notification to say when a transaction that was in a pending state moves into a final state where the final amount is different to the amount that was pending.

Example scenario;

I shop online at Morrison’s and the groceries cost me £40 I am however due to collect the groceries from click and collect in two days time, on the day of collection 3 items are out of stock.
At the time of collection my Monzo feed shows I have spent £40 at Morrison’s but my actual receipt shows that the groceries cost £36 these trasnactions seem to then pend for a few days before the transaction in the feed is updated from £40 to £36.

Having a notification to say that a transaction has cleared but the final amount has changed would be useful.

It does it with fuel, I wonder where the distinction is that changes it?

I wonder if the pump sends a £1 request as some form of tagged holding charge that Monzo recgonises and Groceries doesn’t.

Possibly as it’s a low amount and they are recognised as doing it this way.

I wonder if Morrisons technically refund you the difference?

It certainly doesn’t show up as a refund it shows up as one transaction. It was £40 then changes to £36 (example)

The same thing happens for transactions where the purchase was made in a non sterling country 1Password as an example.

Could be wrong but I think they do this for TfL? When it updates the next day with your final charge for transport you get a notification.

Unless I am misremembering from my visit to London a few weeks back.

Tfl is different. They use zero value transactions for taps, and final amount is taken the next working day as a proper transaction.

It’s been discussed before and one problem is that people who regularly do transactions in other currencies would be getting notifications constantly because the exchange rate changes, which would rapidly get annoying.

The delay between it updating is just morrisons finalising the transaction in batch after the event rather than as soon as they can. I’m surprised they’re that slow… Tesco seem to be same day.

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