Retailer Info Updating After The Fact

(Sam) #1

I’ve seen a few times correct retailer info being replaced or removed - I’ve noticed this especially when a retailer has more than one location and I visit a new one.

Whilst I can still identify the transaction, it is unsettling to see something change as I guess I’m sort of conditioned to think of it as a statement and not subject to change.

Boots in particular is one example, I also saw it with Timberyard (two locations), and Pie Minister (one location, this one changed it’s name a few times).

I’m making the assumption that you have some program running over and over and making changes depending on tweaks to its code.

Merchant Names and Logos - Updating has become hard work
(Tristan Thomas) #2

So what happens on our end is that when someone visits a retailer we haven’t seen before, it is put in a queue for us to manually review and correct (add logo, check location etc). We should be getting it right obviously though so if it changes and we’ve made a mistake, please let us know! Either through the Retailer looks wrong option or through the in-app chat. We’re also working on making this more reliable, as well as giving you better ways to correct the information yourself so your feed looks how you want it to look :slight_smile: