How do you amend a shop name?

(Leon) #1

I have used my Monzo card for some transactions today but one of them is only showing the old man’s for the shop (because the card machine has not been changed to display the new name.) Anyhow is there a way to change this manually?

(Rika Raybould) #2

If you are on an Android device, not yet. If you are on iOS, open the transaction detail screen, scroll to the bottom and tap “Something Wrong? Tell Us!”, then “Improve the name or location”. That should allow you to correct any issues with the merchant details. I will warn that there is a bit of a backlog for reviewing those corrections still so it may take some time to be fixed.

(Leon) #3

I am on Android. Thanks Richard for your answer. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to this on Android as one shop has branches in Chelmsford and Witham yet the Witham ePOS terminal is showing as Chelmsford

(Leon) #5

Oh my that’s not good at all! I wonder when that functionality will be added to Android to bring it up to par with the iOS version of Monzo’s app?

(Leon) #7

Well better late then never. :slight_smile:

(Tristan Thomas) #8

As soon as we’ve launched the Android app to everyone, I’ll also update the public roadmap with Android features :slight_smile: