Merchant Names and Logos - Updating has become hard work


You have to submit manually submit non social media logos through the in-app chat and usually explain where you got them from (I’ve never seen them change otherwise).

(Hugh Wells) #37

Essentially, the reason you can submit other “stuff” in the Twitter field and it getting added is a bug. It requires the COp to go and find the logo and then paste it into another field.

When a Twitter username is submitted, we automatically cache that logo. When a image URL is pasted directly in by a COp this isn’t cached and I’m sure you can understand all the trouble that can cause with SSL and when the URL becomes dead…

In a few weeks we’re going to stop people manually adding image URLs that aren’t cached (ie. through Twitter) and I know this is not what you’d like to hear. I’m pushing for engineering time to fix this so we can cache logos from other sources :slight_smile:


Ahh OK, I might go back and do that then!


So Twitter accounts entered in the field (e.g. entering “@Monzo” in the field) should update automatically without a COp? Or am i misunderstanding

(Hugh Wells) #40

Nope, they won’t update without manual review but they will autofill a field and cache the logo

(Dan Baker) #41

How do we submit icon changes for direct debits.?

My two credit card direct debits don’t currently have icons.

(Jack) #42

The same way as you do for merchants. At least that’s how it works on iOS.

(Dan Baker) #43

Does that require a payment to have been made using the direct debit? Doesn’t seem to have an option in the direct debit itself.

(Jack) #44

I beilive so yes

(Dan Baker) #45

Any way to suggest a logo before a payment is taken?

(Jack) #46

Not that I’m aware of :thinking: but it will apply to all previous transactions when done anyway.


No there’s no way until the direct debit is first taken unfortunately :persevere:

(Dan Baker) #48

Okay, thanks for the speedy reply guys! I’ll wait until I pay the bill then :slight_smile:

(Kelvin Papp) #49

Do updated merchant logos apply retrospectively, or only for future transactions out of interest? I’ve never noticed and can’t think of any examples I can check…

I should read threads properly before posting! :see_no_evil:


Shame to see the logos and names being taken away from urls. Would be handy if you could add from other sources like Facebook.


Being able to add logos from JustEat would be really useful for independent restaurants and take aways - most don’t even have Facebook let alone Twitter. Also, I think the logos on JustEat are the correct size.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #52

Merchant info… Manual labour since 2015 :joy_cat:

(Dan Harvey) #53

Tried changing a Wetherspoon logo but they’re no longer on Twitter. Grrr

(Jack) #54

Message Cops, they should be able to resolve :slight_smile:

(Kieren) #55

Little bug I’ve spotted… when a Scheduled payment Merchant is updated - the old name/logo is still presented in summary > Bills, and Help tab for transactions with that merchant