Retailer Icons - Missing, Blurry, Disapearing

Just feeding back issues I’ve had with the retailer icons shown in app.

Having the icons is really great as provides a great visual clue.

  • The icons that do show up are highly pixelated and need an antialias mask. Wasabi for example has a circular logo that has become all ‘boxy’ like it’s been oversharpened. It’s still high res, just hasn’t been scaled properly. If a suitable resolution image can’t be sourced, I rather not use it.
  • Retailers that have the correct icon - the icon will disappear at some later date. It will be either replaced with a blue avatar, a white square, or something new. I’ve noticed this most with Boots. I wonder if it’s triggered when I make a new purchase from the same retailer but from a different location - it seems to reset all prior Boots icons - within 48 hours the retailer is matched up to Boots again).
  • Retailers that don’t get the correct icon at all and get the low resolution blue avatar - a known issue I think. If there is no icon or a blank one I would rather it show the category type icon.
  • When I’ve seen retailers with the wrong avatar, its because of their address. I.e. Wasabi I been to before, but its inside a train station - so for about 24-48 hours I will see the National Rail logo (with a christmas hat on).

I’ve noticed that the icons seem to be sourced from twitter, this is resourceful, but it means that some avatars aren’t suitable - I’m seeing a lot of Christmas themed avatars, so I hope they refresh themselves.


Thanks for the feedback Sam! We are continously improving the algorithm for enriching merchant data so hopefully you will soon notice improvements:

  • All new merchants are reviewed by a human so name, address and icons are likely to change after the first visit by a Mondo customer.
  • Currently, most icons come directly from Twitter. Due to a bug, the app can’t always get the icon why you see the blue avatar instead. The plan is to host the icons ourselves in the future which will allow us to optimise them for the app.
  • Not all merchants will have logos of a high enough quality to be uses. In these cases, the category icon is used instead.

I have noticed the issue with grainy retailer logos myself - it can look a bit bad so I’m not sure pulling avatars from Twitter may be the best solution, particularly for the more common retailers where you can easily get vector based logos online…

Good example is the Co-Op…

I know this is an old thread but it kind of fits for this post.

Just thought I would let the Mondo team that I was in Mothercare yesterday and on the app it has come up as Mothercare White instead of just Mothercare and no logo.

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Another one is Boon (it didn’t work straight refund) logo doesn’t fit.

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@anon72173902 there is a feature right in the App now to report these merchant details.

Simply tap on “Something Wrong” and then you can select the merchant by doing a quick search (It uses Google maps/places to list merchants near to where you are). If you cant find the merchant then you can manually add them instead.

Also for Logos, you can report this in the same button and select Logo and then put a link to the retailers twitter account and someone like @natasha will see it, verify and publish the changes!

Thanks @philgsy didn’t know this, will look now :slight_smile:

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