Response to Community Code of Conduct

(Jack Donovan) #48

Yep, I’ve made that up.

I’ve been involved in IPB, PHPBB, VBulletin boards for years, and in early days ran some myself. Scary right?


(Jack Donovan) #49

No. Because that exact wording doesn’t happen here. But it’s the same thing :yum:


Sorry, that’s what I actually meant ‘by leaders’ I know this has been put like that but Leaders actually told people not to do that. I can find that post if someone need a proof :smile:

(Leonard) #52

Hi Nanos, if you have a problem with the actions of any of the leaders please DM a member of staff about it and they’ll take action (cookywooky, SimonB, Naji etc…)

Like Alex said above, we don’t always get it right. However I feel the splitting/merging is absolutely crucial on the forum. The community has grown a lot since I first joined and there are new topics created about this already being discussed at length. If I wanted to read about a particular thing I’d want to read about it in one thread as opposed to 3 or 5. When we merge threads it’s so that we can keep all related discussions in tact.

(Tom ) #53

As Leaders we were tasked to generally help out in the forum, including splitting and merging, getting rid of duplicate posts where possible, closing when things get a little heated, advising new members if they need advice and generally being helpful.

I think it’s truly bizarre that people who volunteer to do this role are being attacked for doing something they have been instructed to do.

(Jolin) #54

Great, you’re some kind of forum software guru. I used to run a dial-up BBS, so am I now some kind of wise elder that everyone should just defer to? :roll_eyes:

It’s not the same thing at all. Compare two responses when a new user posts about an existing topic:

  • “use the search you idiot”

  • “there’s an ongoing discussion on this topic here, and it would be really great to have your contribution to it. I’ve moved your post there to keep everything together

I hate going to a forum and having to read a dozen threads just to understand the discussion around a single topic.

(Jack Donovan) #55

There’s a greater problem than that or merging and splitting topics

It’s the attitude of certain moderators on a whole.

For instance - I have never had a problem with your attitude

However, if you can’t see that there is a problem with attitude of certain staff now, (Monzonaught or not) what is a PM going to do?

(Jolin) #58

I don’t think that’s true. I’m pretty sure only Monzo staff can ban people.

(Gareth) #59 I think the implication is that the Leader would have action taken against if wrong doings were done?

Leader - Volunteer
Team - Monzo Staff

Edit @ cos this thread is moving so fast

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #60

Personally I think the Leaders do a great job for a thankless task. This is one of the better, more organised forums I have seen. And generally it’s polite. Yes, feelings get heated and hurt, but let’s all remember we’re here at the discretion of Monzo, who ultimately empower Leaders to make decisions, some of which you, or I, may not like.

I think what people forget to do is reply to the content of a post and instead rebuke the tone. The tone of a post is only in your head.

So give the Leaders the authority to organise the forum as they see fit, to make discussion flow and information easier to find.

(Jack Donovan) #61

No. I’m definitely not :joy:

(Excited about Christmas) #62

Perhaps the forum is now of a size, complexity and sensitivity that the Leader role should be taken in-house, rather than using volunteers. Would be interesting to know what @simonb and @Naji think…

(Jack Donovan) #63

I think it’s getting to a size where a forum is not viable.

Imagine thinking about switching to Monzo then seeing this topic :yum:


I do wholeheartedly apologise if this is how my comments came across!

Personally I have two issues with the moderation at the moment:

  1. An implementation problem. I feel that the way that threads are split/merged/closed etc is very inconsistent, with some off topic discussions being allowed to go on for ages, others being nipped in the bud. And my personal impression (although I cannot cite scientific studies to back this up) is that those that are nipped in the bud, are those that are critical of monzo. I might be wrong there.

  2. A problem with one person maybe not following the standards they are supposed to enforce themselves. I feel I shouldn’t have brought this up here, as discussing personal things in public is rarely helpful, so that’s not good.

Re (1) (which is to me the main purpose of this thread) When I bring this up, this is not to attack, but to provide feedback and discussion. I do of course acknowledge that we all make mistakes. That everyone can miss something, and that no one can be expected to spend half an hour agonising about whether to close/merge/split a given thread. The one case were I felt a few posts of mine had been wrongly moved I did contact you, and you were happy to revert this, so credit were credit is due!

(Alex Sherwood) #65

I can promise you that for me at least, this is simply because I don’t have time to read every discussion :disappointed:


(Naji Esiri) #66

When it comes to forum ‘moderation’ and admin, I completely agree. We’re exploring the possibility of having more community specialist opportunities internally, similar to @simonb’s role. The community Leaders programme will remain for community volunteers, however myself and Rich are in the process of repositioning exactly what this means - we want to put a renewed focus on having Leaders input on community focused activity and ideas generation, rather than day to day stuff. We’ve spoken with the existing Leaders about this briefly and will be sharing an update soon :slightly_smiling_face: Hopefully, some more of you will be keen to get involved!

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #67

Should it be like this?

(Alex Sherwood) #68

I think you did a great job there, that’s how I’d hope we can handle all of these posts :slight_smile:

(Jack Donovan) #69


"There’s a whole thread here

Petrol Station merchant name4?"

Comes across as that you are annoyed that they have posted.

"Hello! Thanks so much for posting :raised_hand:

This has already been brought up so click HERE and you will definitely find the answer. The short answer is…" :sunglasses:

Like come on man, you posted a question mark after the link to the forum :joy:

Like… Duhhhh?

Their response -

Is an awkward “Omg I’ve been annoying, I’m so sorry” whereas it could have been “absolute legend, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!”

The worst one is when 6 posts get stuffed in the middle of a long convo that makes it complicated and harder to find. Suddenly you are not talking to the people you are already in discussion with, and people are having two conversations


This whole thread is a perfect example of how hostile the forum has become since I joined in August last year. It’s not the same place.

I still enjoy though from time to time… :slight_smile: