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590 was in October…

Thanks, do you think that, that topic shouldn’t have been split?

I’m asking for examples that you disagree with here.

This particular topic (policing tactics )is now being looked at by someone higher In the Monzo ranking
I have flagged up my concerns which now with this thread seems to be reflected by others of this community
Hopefully we will have this resolved soon


Oh I have no idea.

I’m just trying to help them prove a point if it helps them know where it was split
(I’m not on either side of this [if the point is “should discussions be split up into their topics”]).

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Personally, I was equally unhappy with the others doing it :wink:

It’s not just about the splitting topics, to be honest. It’s about the attitude

I think people are put off by the arrogance, and no. It isn’t just Alex, it’s the Monzo forum.


I agree “leader” is a difficult, thankless job that I wouldn’t want to do , with so many new users on the forum the repeated topics would produce a forum that was disjointed and unreadable


If you created this topic to discuss that thread being closed then we can simply wait for the team to take a look at it.

I think if splitting and merging were not done so actively at this community it would become so chaotic. If you need proof of that just go visit Revolut Community


There’s also a big problem with merging topics

New user signs up
New user makes a new topic about something that’s already been mentioned
New user gets a reply, (probably from Alex) saying "we have already discussed that, I’ll merge your question here.
New user looks at the thread, doesn’t really understand discourse. Gets lost, and gives up and feels unwelcome and never uses the forum again.


This applies to any topic, not just Apple Pay.

post can’t be empty


Well, I am sorry but you seem to be assuming most new users are a bit thick to understand simple discussions.
A community with multiple threads on same topics would also not make much sense to new users. Again I urge you to see Revolut community which is on same Discourse but seems like a mess.


Thanks, in that case could you please share a different example? I’m afraid I think we’re going to struggle to have a constructive discussion here if we don’t know what other activity you’re referring to.

Have you ever signed up to a forum, and posted a question to get a reply saying “we have already discussed that, learn to search”

When they could have just answered your question?


Sounds like stackoverflow, which is probably not a good thing hah.

Now you’re just making things up. What proof do you have that this has happened? What I have seen is new users posting a “thanks” when their comment is merged into the relevant thread with a polite note explaining that.


Again, i know I could show at least 5 people this response and they would not bank with Monzo.

This person does banks with Monzo, and is of an age group that is actually really interesting to learn about and understand what Monzo means to them.

I have not seen this being said to new users. You’re not gonna like like this but as @alexs said do you have any examples?


It has been said but not by Leaders.