Response to Community Code of Conduct

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On the bright side, there’s relatively few users commenting, I’d like to believe that this thread isn’t representative of the community a whole.

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And forum leaders :wink:

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Thanks @nanos

For me, it’s difficult to be consistent due to the fact I don’t always have time to visit and keep on top of things. This goes for all of the Leaders - it’s not a full time roll for any of us, let alone part time. But we are more than happy to chip in when we can. Perhaps that’s what causes the perceived inconsistency?

With the massive growth Monzo in undergoing at the moment, it gives me even more respect for them on how they are able to scale up so well. - I’m very careful with how I try to come across on here, but that being said, sometimes it’s all too easy to be sucked into the tone (real or not) of a post, rather than the content. I’m not sure exactly to whom you are referring to, but I hope you can trust me when I say that all of the people who are Leaders on here are some of the nicest people I’ve had the fortune to meet.


I appreciate that it can come across differently to different people here but please don’t ignore what OP responded he actually acknowledged and moved on… I don’t see their comment coming across like they were offended :expressionless:

Continuing the discussion from Categorisation when buying fuel from supermarket:

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There are only 6 leaders, 3 have spoken and I know a 4th is lurking :wink:


I’ve seen my post has been mentioned here, so thought I’d add my point of view just in case it’s of use :slight_smile:

As a new user having registered just to raise a small functionality issue, my entire aim was to find out why it happened that way, and if it could be resolved. Not only did Anarchist provide a link to previous discussion on the matter and merge my post in to that thread, they also gave the answer in their reply to me. From my point of view that’s a very good way of handling such situations.

And there was certainly no offence caused, I was simply apologising for creating work for someone with a duplicate thread as I hadn’t found it in the search. Anarchist even suggested why I maybe didn’t find it in the search.

So all in all, I think that is a fine way to handle such situations :slight_smile:


Please allow me to point out, Alex, that this is exactly the kind of “attitude” that I was referring to. Contrast this with @tomsr’s post just a little bit further down:

His post was acknowledging that things don’t always work out perfectly, and explaining why, positive in tone, and just generally kind.

Yours comes across to me as brushing off criticism, and not acknowledging any mistakes: “since it’s only a few who complain, there surely can’t be an issue”.

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Hey, thanks for that response :sunglasses::slightly_smiling_face:

I stand corrected.

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That’s not what I was suggesting (or what I said), I think it’s good that we’ve had this discussion.

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The Leaders have had a hugely positive impact on the forum and we appreciate this so much :heart:️I do feel certain aspects of the Leader role has left volunteers open to criticism from other forum users and forced them to make some difficult judgement calls which looking back, was really unfair. This is an oversight on my part. I was responsible for setting the guidelines for what the community leader role looked like in the beginning and should have been more aware of the uninvited responsibility which came with this. It’s something we need to put right.

Hopefully this will remove that pressure an expectation, and focus collaborating on projects which we can all be excited about and look forward to!

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OK. I’ll just leave this here for others to judge.

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It’s OK @Anarchist. The poster has already responded.

What’s with the personal attack? :kissing:


I find it quite interesting that another contributor has posted this topic, today, following my experiences, yesterday.

From my point of view, it feels like this place is no longer the welcoming place it once was back in august 2017. That may well be due to the community growth?

Indeed, a leader has already referenced that topic, when accused of trolling. In fact, it did feel as though they were trying to derail a conversation where I had answered the question of another contributor.

I think that a particular difficulty arises where an individual is both a leader and a contributor with opinions.

If they are to lead, keep the community tidy, be helpful and constructive, post links to factual/news articles and point people in the right direction then that is likely to be a success.

If, however, they have an opinion and contribute that opinion and tell other contributors that you need to think about whether you’re wasting time posting here or words to that effect …yes, I know I’ll be challenged for the evidence and I can always find the link but that was the sentiment of their post, then that muddies the position of the leader and inevitably calls into question their motivations. People may level criticism of them as pursuing a pro-Monzo agenda or seeking to shape the course of discussions to avoid negativity or (constructive) criticism. And those people may well be right.

I’m finding that the responses to other community contributors, and to myself, often feel prickly. I posted here recently, in a topic, explaining why I contributed less frequently. And that’s a shame.

To my mind, a forum leader should lead by example, be polite, not be prickly, refrain from derailing conversations. I have no issue with them splitting or merging topics. It’s when they impose their own views that I think other contributors become disappointed.

Oh, and the other thing that is frustrating is when a leader edits their post shortly after to change the meaning or reduce the prickliness of their post. I dare say you’ll ask for particular examples. There was an occasion in the Starling Feedback thread yesterday but I really don’t care as much about it that leader does. I’m merely posting my feelings on the subject. I don’t mind whether anyone agrees or disagrees with me, it’s merely my view on the matter.

(Alex Sherwood) #86

I can’t impose my views on anyone - this community is great proof of that - users are always able to disagree with anything I say so I don’t understand this complaint.

Just like any user, I’m free to edit my posts. If I do this after a user has replied then I make it clear what I’ve changed. But generally, I reply & clarify what I meant instead for example -

If there’s a better way for me to handle this then I’m open to suggestions :slight_smile:


Alex, with respect, you always jump on any contributor (often me) with whom you don’t agree and post in such a way to discredit their/my view.

TBH, I find many people here to be friendly but you have never been one of them. From here on in, I no longer wish to speak with you and I request you refrain from replying to my posts. With thanks.

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This is simply how discussion works, you say things that I disagree with & I say things that you disagree with, both of us are able to share our opinion. The community would be a pretty dull place if we only agreed with each other :slight_smile:


This sort of response is highly patronising and is an example of what I’m talking about and what others have alluded to.

My post was a reply to @Naji. Please stop trying to divert my feedback with comment on my post. I respectly requested you stopped responding to me. Thank you.


I agree that there has been some inconsistency with the merging/locking of threads but as has been explained this is unintentional and due to the fact the leaders are volunteers. I also agree that there has been some responses by leaders in the past that may have given out the wrong tone, which is incredibly difficult to tell over the internet

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But when they are replying, then quickly editing what they are saying…


That’s true. I personally think that editing shouldn’t be used unless to correct spelling mistakes etc as it can make replies seem totally unconnected