Community Code of Conduct update - 1/5/18

Hey everyone,

Every now and again we take a look at the community Code of Conduct to see if anything needs adding. Today, we’ve added a few things that you should know about. So here’s what’s new:

  1. A note on politics.

Political discussions are not banned, but we don’t tolerate using our forum as a personal soapbox to air political opinions. As always, our moderators have the final say on this.

  1. Speculation on fraud or financial crime

We do not suggest or speculate on ways of breaking the law, or the security measures of Monzo and other banks.

  1. Circular threads

[We avoid] repeatedly making the same arguments, instead of moving on. We’ll lock threads that end up going in circles.

  1. Added @brenda as a contact :heart:

You can read the full Code of Conduct here:

Let us know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!


After the recent thread containing a string of photos/gifs of controversial politicians such as Teresa May, maybe people should stick to text containing political opinion rather than aggravate other users with contentious images.