Response Time from USA Customer Service?

Anyone know what the response time is from Customer Service via email, Twitter, and in-app? I sent a question in-app yesterday and no response beyond a chat bot telling me they were going to “find someone to help me”. I followed up via DM in Twitter yesterday and email this morning. Just wondering what to expect. Thanks!

If it’s an account specific question then you’ll need to do it in-app. How long the wait is depends on lots of factors and it’s impossible to tell you how long. The more serious questions get answers quicker.

But as you’ve messaged in app, emailed, DM’d and posted on here, I’d assume it was life or death!

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Not life or death per se as I don’t think I’d be able to get to any keyboard in that instance… However, as I’m a new customer just want to see what I’m working with here. I also thought it would be good info to capture for any other new Monzo USA users in the future.

And in the spirit of sharing info - I just heard from Customer Service in-app. In their words, they don’t have 24/7 support in the US yet, which means responses can sometimes be delayed - especially on the weekends or over night (based on the PST time zone).

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What do you need help with? Or do you mean that you are you just flooding them with messages on all channels as a test :confused:

They got my name wrong on my account both in-app and on my card. After no response for a few hours in-app after the chatbot said they’d get help, I reached out on Twitter. After no response overnight on Twitter, I sent an email.

When you have a place for chat and they say they will get someone, there’s the assumption that someone will respond soon-ish. If that’s not the case, it would help if they had an auto-responder with their CS hours so folks know when they might get assistance or questions answered.

Since I work with CS teams and have community manager friends and family, this is good info for any future Monzo USA customers to have to manage expectations. Just to let folks know “hey, we don’t have 24/7 help yet” would be useful.

If this info were already posted on the community forum or on the Monzo USA subreddit, I wouldn’t have bothered reaching out via 3 different ways of communication. But since it wasn’t I did, and I’m leaving it here in hopes it will help someone out in the future.


In app support is the only place they can help you with account issues and the chat bot determines the importance of your enquiry and it is prioritised accordingly against card fraud and asking when certain features will be available for example.

If they can you’ll be given an ETA for a response, otherwise you’re asked to just continue with your day because you’ll get a notification when they respond instead of hanging around on hold for ages. We’ve been told that sending more than one unfortunately doesn’t do anything either.

Hopefully this helps explain how it all works.

I agree that is how it works, it is a terrible experience for a new customer though. You would have thought that brand new customers would have some weighting to get queries answered quickly as first impressions count.

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Yeah they should really show this regardless just to help manage expectations.


This was the response I received from the chatbot: “Okay, we’ll find someone to help you and let you know when they’re here.”

Based on that, I made the assumption that I would actually hear back from someone the same day.

If we got back something like “Thanks for reaching out! Our customer service is around to assist you from XXAM to XXPM. We’ll get to your question as soon as we are back in the office.” that would have gone a long way to managing expectations.

I think you get that if you message them out of hours and it’s not an emergency.

I had a quick search to see if I could find the comment from someone at Monzo who explained the estimated time message works but I couldn’t find it. Basically it they said:

“If we can accurately show an ETA we do, but if not we leave it off.”

The ETA message says something like ‘Estimated response time is 2 hours’ which is what they should show regardless in my opinion.

I don’t know about the US, but over here in the UK, managing expectations isn’t one of Monzo’s strong points.

I’m sure they will be in touch :soon:, though.


For future queries, I would say this is the best place if it’s not something account specific, like getting your name wrong.

Email. Meh.

I’d only use Twitter if I wanted to harass them because they hadn’t replied in app to a serious issue.

Hey @EmmaPeel007 sorry we took a while to get back to you on this one :pensive: As you’ve noted, we don’t yet have 24/7 support so response times may be a bit delayed during our Beta phase, especially on holidays or the weekend. We always try to get back to you as soon as possible but unfortunately at this time we can occasionally take a bit longer than we’d like.

The in-app chat is always the best place to contact us for any general or account-specific queries - you’ll receive the fastest response there. For product feedback, feature suggestions, or just general discussion, here on the forum is your best place.

We appreciate that the expectations set in chat can sometimes cause confusion and this is something we’ll look into revising in the future. We’re also hoping to cover general support expectations and common questions in our FAQ which we should be posting on our website in the near future.

Feedback on issues like these is exactly what we’re looking for to help polish the product during our Beta phase, so we really appreciate you raising it here. If there’s anything else you’d like to see from us on this, or anything else I can help address for now, please let me know :blush:


You need feedback in order to know that not replying to customer service queries in a timely fashion is bad?

No - prompt and helpful support is absolutely one of the things we value most about the product! I was referring to their feedback regarding the wait time expectation set in chat being confusing, along with general support expectations not being clear elsewhere.