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It would be great to have a pin lock or password to open the app, like other banking Apps. I will feel more secure. I don’t like the idea that if my phone happens to be unlocked anyone has direct access to my accounts.


be prepared for an onslaught of replies saying to lock your phone and the Monzo app doesn’t need it…but that warning aside I do beleive it is finally coming later this year!


Hey @ADebbie - thanks for posting!

If you go into the app settings, you can enable fingerprint lock. This means that even if your phone itself is unlocked, the Monzo app will require fingerprint verification again to open it.

We’ll also be providing a PIN lock option later this year :smile:


Thank you! Great to hear


As long as it’s optional and not the default, whatever. :woman_shrugging:

The lack of mandatory pins, passwords, fingerprints, memorable questions is one of the huge pluses to me.


and that is a huge minus to me (I would not have considered competitors otherwise) so like you say having it as an option (maybe toggle on or off in the settings) is the best option as it suits everyone. Those who want to keep their data away from prying eyes and those who put convienience over privacy.


While I’m sure this sentence summarises your views of the two options, other opinions will (and do) differ so it’s generally best to try not to put other people in little boxes with labels like that.


it is called hyperbole!

Just to be clear, in order for money to leave your account, you need to input your card’s PIN or enable biometric auth (e.g. Face ID/Touch ID). Biometric auth is optional and you need your PIN to enable it.

Our app is already secure in that regard.

The feature we are adding later in the year will be PIN unlock for the app to give you additional privacy options.


I personally believe that Face ID offers adequate privacy protection for me - my transactions can’t be seen unless it’s literally my face looking at the screen. I agree we should offer app PIN unlock for those who don’t want to use Touch ID/Face ID. But I wouldn’t say that an app PIN provides any more privacy than the biometric options.

I would be keen to learn about why you believe PINs offer a greater level of privacy? :slight_smile:

Edit: I suppose that being forced to unlock your phone by law enforcement is one reason you might favour a PIN over Face ID. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to put convenience over privacy if this is the only argument for using PIN unlock over Face ID.


You misunderstand me. A pin does not provide more privacy than biometrics, I only claim it offers more privacy than nothing (which is what you get currently on a Android with no fingertip reader), and while there are some who can not use fingertip readers for medical reasons I use facial biometrics to log in to Atom with no worries when outside in bright daylight (though it never works indoors in my basement apartment due to the lighting).

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I completely agree, it’s right we offer it to people with no biometric access.

I was just trying to understand why our lack of PIN privacy shield made you consider moving to a competitor. Genuinely intrigued.


I would reply here but I don’t want to be attacked by Alex, Tom and other Leaders for resurrecting an old argument, so I will DM it to you.

I mean the lack of pin means if i let someone on my phone they have access to the app. Its the reason all the other providers require a passcode.

I assume that you don’t have biometrics on your phone?

There’s a lot of things that someone can do on your phone if you give it to them unlocked.

If I didn’t trust the person then I’d be far more worried about what they could do with my email and Facebook accounts. There’s far more private information there than in my bank feed.


They’d still need your card PIN or fingerprint to actually move money out of your account. Restricting access to the app is mostly for privacy, if you share your phone with someone or something.


Hi guys,
so it is 2019…any updates?

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I would also like this option if possible, I don’t have a fingerprint scanner on my phone so pin is my only method of security.

You can vote for a passcode for the Monzo app here: