Should the app not ask you for a pin before you are able to access?

Hello, I am new to Monzo and maybe I am really missing the point of how it works, but I am concerned about how safe the app is.
I installed it on my phone and if I click on it I get straight into my account details how much money I have in the card , my latest transactions etc. Shouldn’t it be more difficult to access? I feel it should request a pin or password entry Like most other bank apps… but it doesn’t. If I accidentally lose my phone or someone steals they could easily access my account and make changes to it. This really concerns me and I honestly thought about closing the account. I tried to contact the team on the help line but no one picks up and it gets disconnected after 10 min. Reason n 2 why I m thinking again to close the account just opened.
Please Monzo help team let me here from you if you exist !

Hi @Cmarievictoire & welcome :wave:

Are you on iOS or Android, and do you have biometric recognition on your device (fingerprint/face)?

In the Monzo app/Settings/Privacy and security, you can enable biometric access to both unlocking the app and/or authenticating payments in the app.

  • Put a PIN lock on your phone itself. You’ll have plenty of other apps to be more worried about them getting into. Email, for one.

  • They can’t make significant changes to your Monzo account without knowing your card PIN.

  • You can enable a privacy lock in the settings if you wish, anyway.

tl;dr, it’s not a security issue, it’s a privacy issue, and the option is there for you if you want it


I think he is about first launch.

It has to be the way it is on first launch, then you can tighten up security as required/preferred from launch 2 onward.

A device PIN/fingerprint/face is critical for security above all else. Even if you download Monzo and forget to beef up security, the device security protects you as well as it can. The security in the :monzo: app adds extra security layers.

Extra consideration: when logged in after using a magic link email from Monzo, delete (permanently) the magic link emal once the Monzo app is running


Thanks so much for the help. Other question: do I need to transfer a minimum of 500 pounds into the Monzo card for it to be free or it can be also less?

It can be as little as you want.


If you go into settings under account tab you should be able to set up under privacy and security