Requesting money 🤑💰

Hello all,

Personally, I would love to see the feature to request money from other mondo users. When someone owes you money, it can sometimes be an awkward conversation to have. If you were able to use push notifications to prompt someone, it would be useful.

You could use light humoured things setting an atbitrary APR to make them pay up. If the owed money even started gathering interest this would make them pay pretty rapid!

Keen to know your thoughts.

Cheers, Connor.


For sure! We’re planning to add a money requesting feature at some point (although maybe without the APR :wink: )

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Also it would be good if this feature worked for non-Mondo users by getting them to fill in a mobile optimised form to pay via card or IBAN, of course we want to spread the good work but I’m guessing most people would want their money first and foremost.


Services like Venmo even allow users to specify contacts who can ‘take’ limited amounts of cash from their account (like a personal direct debit) - which seems strange, but potentially useful / interesting.

I can see the benefits to allowing someone limited access to your account. For example, if you’re out for dinner with your partner, they can take half of the bill back that they paid … or vice versa.

@tristan @connorianreilly …or perhaps something like Uber’s fare splitting functionality, where you could split the cost of that meal with another Mondo user (merchant still gets a single payment from one of the card holders, but the app settles the difference between the 2 friends)