Request money feature

(Chris evans) #1

I love mondo, and I would love to use the send money feature more often.

One feature I think that would encourage me to use the send money more, would be a “request money” Feature. If - on one of your transactions you had the ability to send a request to someone to pay a percentage of this I think it could be a great addition.

An example narrative: I go to the shops and pick up some ingredients to cook myself and a friend dinner with - on my transaction in my mondo account I could click to request my friend to pay 50% of that transaction - this could even port over to his account so that they know what shop/category it goes under - possibly even the feature to share the saved reciept also.

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(Hugo Cornejo) #2

That’s on our roadmap and it’s coming :soon:

(Chris evans) #3

Ah my bad. Should have looked at the road map. But yeah hopefully if anything I said resonated with that general theme I hope it helped!