✅ Request Money - in app

I think it would be quite handy to have a feature to request payments from Monzo contact and for that person being requested to pay to get a notification in the app to either accept or decline.

For example, there’s been quite a few times where someone has asked me to buy something for them. It would be cool to be able to tap on that transaction and request that they pay me the full or partial amount for that particular transaction allowing it to all be settled in the app.

Is something other people would find handy or is it just me? :thinking:


I guess that most people would just use Monzo.me with a custom amount. It has the advantage that the recipient doesn’t have to have a Monzo account.

Unless you’re only willing to buy stuff for friends who have Monzo accounts :wink:


Hmm yeah but it’s a shame you can to copy the link and send it to someone when it could be all be done within the app for monzo users!

This goes without saying :stuck_out_tongue:


I have just started to use Revolut (before everyone kills me I’m doing so to exchange my foreign currency to :pound:), however…

I really like the way that you can request money between two Revolut users.

  1. from the list of contacts that have Revolut: Select the person

  2. choose from ‘send’ or ‘request’ (in our case obviously ‘request’)

  3. input amount (currency) and title

  4. What is great that this will straight away show in your feed as a greyed out pending transaction:

    and if you want you can slide to cancel:

  5. If I am not mistaken the other party receives an in-app notification and simply confirms.

I think such an option is more useful than :mondo: ‘Nearby Friends’ solution. I feel it is quite inconvenient as:

  • you need to have Bluetooth on (which I feel most people switch off to save battery)
  • both need to be nearby
  • both need to open the app

Let me know what you think? If you used revolut to revolut request what do you think about them? :grinning:


That’s the one thing Revolut does a little better than Monzo. I’d like to be able to send people money without asking for their bank details. In Revolut I can send them a secure link, they enter their details, and money is transferred.

I wish Monzo would do the same. Monzo.me to send money to someone without Monzo and who isn’t nearby.

I’d like to be able to request the whole amount of money for a transaction while in the transaction’s screen. Without having to go to Bill Splitting and adjust the amount.


When I request money in Monzo from some other Monzo user, how can I see my pending requests and if the user has paid me or not??


It’s currently not possible to view unpaid money requests that you have sent to other Monzo users. You can vote for the feature here: