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Great work so far guys! Absolutely loving the app!
I’ve seen somewhere about a bill splitting function.

Would be really handy for me, and I’m sure others, who are tracking their spending, as at present its saying I have spent an amount (let’s say £100) on food, but because other friends with Mondo have then sent me money to “split the bill” this is now an innaccurate amount, and realistically I’ve only spent half that (£50) on food for myself.

If anyone could shed some light on how the function will potentially work, I’d be interested to hear it!


Hi Dave,

Sure, bill splitting is on the roadmap and here are some previous thoughts about it:

Perhaps the UI could look something like this concept UI by Brian Plemons on Dribbble:


Any plans on extending the bill splitting to buying tickets for things like cinema/theatre and flight. E.g.
User selects tickets from a vendor and pays with mondo. Within mondo you can split cost and makes a request to friends mondo or other payment gateways?

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I would have thought if it’s implemented it would be across the board rather than category specific

This is only for splitting the amount evenly - which isn’t always the case for my spending.

So, in addition to even split - I would like to have a slider for the remaining amount, and then being able to assign a specific amount to a contact. With all the amounts assigned showing as a pie chart (where I would always see my own share with a fixed colour (set in user profile, defaulting to something reasonably unique).

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I imagine this being very useful when it comes to paying the bill at a restaurant. Will it support that kind of use case?

A bill splitting feature would also be important for budgeting. If you use spending tab as a way to budget yourself you don’t want to include spending on things which you’re going to get the money back from your friends.

So as a slightly separate feature, I want to be able to say that only 50% of my bill is my own spending and this to be reflected in the spending tab.

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Yes, it’s the next feature that’s due to be released for iOS, according to the roadmap :slight_smile:

There’s more discussion of the feature here -