Request pin to defrost card

I froze my card last night just in case my bag was stolen while at gym, and when I went to defrost it (luckily neither card nor phone had been taken) I could just click on defrost with no identification needed. This feels insecure as what if my bag with phone and card was taken? I do lock my phone so maybe I’m being paranoid but this just felt a bit too easy.

Do you have Monzo security turned on as well?

For me you need to unlock my phone, AND unlock the Monzo app which feels secure enough for me? Not sure we need individual features that would also need locked/unlocked, feels like overkill to me.

I’d never ascribe an abundance of caution as paranoia, but I’d say that if you have your phone locked (especially if it’s a biometric lock), you should be safe.

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Thanks so much, I didn’t know about Monzo security so will turn it on now, and agreed, that seems like a decent amount of security, appreciate both your responses!