Payment request link not working

Good morning.

The payment request link does not seem to be working. I am doing a gift collection and friends are receiving the message ‘sorry your card has been declined’. They have tried several cards and are getting the same message. I have a personal account and not a business account.

Please can you look into this, it’s fairly urgent


Kind regards,

Have you messaged Monzo through the app?

Have you hit your limit?

I’m not sure how contact them through the app

No, not at all.

  • From the home screen, tap on ‘Help’
  • In the Help Search box, type ‘contact us’ and enter
  • A list of possibles, including ‘Contacting support’ should be shown - tap on it
  • The Contacting support details are shown. In the section ‘Chat with us’, tap on ‘Tap here to get started’