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I find Mondo very useful in terms of monitoring how you spend your money but if, for example, you’ve paid £40 on your gas bill or groceries and it’s actually shared, it still shows as if you’ve spend £40 rather than £20. It would be great to either be able to edit the amount (especially when you’ve been repaid cash) or to just share bills with other users (like in Uber). :slight_smile:

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

Thanks for the idea, we do want to build a nice use case around bill splitting (notifications, shared receipts, etc.). It’s on our roadmap :blush:

Regarding manually add money that people paid you in cash I do see that as an actual need but it scares me a bit. The idea of ever let you add “manual” stuff so you can arbitrarily mess with your feed and reports could be a huge rabbit-hole. We haven’t explored it yet but, to me, it seems like the kind of thing where the trade-off of complexity/power may be not really worth it. We’ll keep it on mind though :slight_smile:

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Bill splitting 2
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Happy to hear for the bill splitting! Definitely an essential feature to have :slight_smile:

As for the manual edits, I can imagine that it’s quite complicated to put in place. Would be really useful though. Maybe someone has an easier way around it?

(Joshua Turner) #4

I would defiantly use this feature, when I go out I usually like to pay and sometimes people like to forcefully repay me - so it would be useful to have a note on the transaction to say they did repay x amount.

Its a shame I can’t use the app let to test it out, I’m getting there lol. I’m sure you could have meta data referenced to the transaction record, so a user can manually edit meta data referenced to the transaction, like “Shared Bill Offline”, amount, repayment method etc, but the actual money transaction data remains intact. Also with a set list of meta data keys, which can be updated as time goes on, you can a aggregate the values to learn more about spending and maybe more about the merchants.

I came up with a use case at 9:30pm. I go out for dinner and spend some of my hard earned plastic money. The service was crap, so I went to the transaction in Mondo and rated the merchant as 0 of 5 stars. The Mondo app knows my GPS location and of the merchant, if it knows the merchant and knows I rated it badly as I walk in it could alert me to say “You don’t like it here, move on.”. This started off as a joke, then I thought I could actually use it.

I’m tired, sorry I typed an essay lol.


Just thought that it would be cool to also be able to export some expenses to other apps like spittable or splitwise.

(Dan) #6

I think there’s a great way to achieve this whilst conforming to Mondo’s minimalistic UI.

Take the example below:

Just a small Split Bill button. Clicking it brings up your list of contacts, and runs the same logic as sending a payment (checking they are active Mondo users).

Potentially multiple select users and clicking Request Split, then being shown a page with the list you have selected, percentages or flat values, and later whether they have accepted or declined.

The major benefit for me here isn’t the moving of money itself, it’s being able to see what I’ve spent.

Often I will pay for the whole dinner, and then money is transferred to me afterwards… just to make paying a little smoother. But it looks like I’ve spent a whole lot more than I actually have on food by the end of the month.

You guys already have this on your roadmap, and I’m sure you will come up with a great implementation anyway, just my two cents!

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(Jamie) #7

Each Mondo user could have a QR code within their app (changing of course) which could be scanned by the primary person adding them to the bill which would split it amongst the people.

Might be nice to have a big bit of text in the UI so the merchant knows how much they’re supposed to enter… i hate working out bills!

(Adam Hockley) #8

Like the idea jamie would like to see that.

(mike.hopkins) #9

This sounds more like a budgeting feature. If you’re topping up (or depositing funds in account when full banking comes online) you could perhaps link the deposit to another transaction with a comment.

(Tom Chambers) #10

I agree with Hugh that manually editing transactions would make things worrying! I want my mondo account to be an absolute source of truth, otherwise it’s going to become a mess.

However I would really like the ability to split a bill/request a payment, perhaps by sending a money request with all the bill details to another Mondo user.

You could even create the bill payment as an unpaid draft, send it to your housemates for example and then it only goes through once everyone has committed to paying. I hate chasing people for bills!

(James Bedwell) #11

Hi Hugo, do you have any update on when we can expect to see this feature? It’s essential in order for targets to show the correct figures for me, since I very often pay for other people who then reimburse me.

(Alex Sherwood) #12

Bill splitting due in the next few months on the roadmap :tada:

(Daniel) #13

I’ve had a thought that probably belongs in this thread. Bill splitting will be awesome and I’ll get my gf using Monzo specially to use that feature. I also regularly split bills with my brother and there is no way I’m converting him and his wife anytime soon. So when he sends me money if I could mark this top up as a ‘Bill Repayment’ which adds money back onto my overall spending and the category I mark the ‘Bill Repayment’ our Targets would stay accurate when splitting bills with Monzo users and non Monzo users.

Edit: Just seen the ‘request money’ feature in the roadmap coming in the short term. This would work perfectly with what I’m talking about.

(Daniel) #14

Are you planning to make this feature so we can split bills with multiple people? I do this often. Also will this be integrated with the request payment update? So I pay for something, split the bill 3 ways (maybe by a %) and then choose a Monzo user to pay 33.33% and request the other 33.33% using my request payment link ( for them to pay me via their own card. (I’d be happy to always pay the 33.34% for rounding simplicity)

(Saveen) #15

Some interesting data here including the demand for bill-splitting apps:

Impatient diners want fast service and better payment technology in restaurants

Research from Barclaycard has revealed a demand for faster service and better ways to pay.

  • 37% of diners prioritise quick service in restaurants over menu and value.
  • 49% of respondents admitted to becoming impatient when waiting to pay at the end of the meal.
  • Payment technology, such as contactless payments, pre-ordering and paying via an app or payment via mobile at the table came out as the top choices for diners.
  • Diners are also calling for more bill-splitting apps, due to frustrations caused by paying for more than they ate, alcohol they didn’t order and having to figure out each individual’s share from the bill.