Reporting fraudulent transactions in the app

I cannot report the fraudulent transaction on the app

Have you tried to Google?

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You’ll need to provide more information than that if you’re wanting some help.

Why do you believe it to be fraudulent, why can’t you report it in app, what error are you getting, what have you tried and so on…?

Otherwise by being vague like this you’re just going to delay things further when time is of the essence if you’re a victim of fraud.

Please provide more details, or even a screenshot of said transaction and details screen - if it’s a bank transfer there may be little we (read: Monzo) can do

Unfortunately, @MichelleM, this isn’t a support channel.

You’ll be much better off calling Monzo or messaging in the app. No one that’s replied is a Monzo employee.

Thank you!
I have called 3 times and the call disconnects after being on hold for 20 minutes.

Go to the help section, type “contact”, press “contacting support” and explain to Monzo.

I don’t really understand what you mean


This person must have missed the part where you said that you were struggling to do this.

The above advice from @Revels is best. You’ll always find people on here happy to help :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, as customers, there is literally no help we can give. Discussing someone’s issues and offering theories is not the same as helping them.

If fraud has occurred, the only thing that can help them is contacting their bank directly.

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Sorry, but this is just flat out wrong. We can say this:

This helps. It may be the only thing we can say that helps, but it helps all the same, so let’s not discourage that with blanket statements. People likely end up on here asking for help because they can’t find out how to get in touch directly and the link to the community has far greater visibility in the app.

We are tying our best. @ordog, especially, and I think critiquing his efforts is somewhat misguided, because it’s the fault of the bank that this burden exists.

In case you missed it, @MichelleM, please follow the advice offered above by Revels. I hope you get it sorted.


Maybe some of the coral crew would have been wiser to explain how to contact Monzo instead of being passive aggressive in one instance and telling the OP to contact Monzo in the second, with the OP saying already saying he was struggling to report it.

Explain how to contact support then lock thread. Job done.


Happens more and more these days, I thought it was just me imagining things to be fair.


And not one answer even suggested using the in-app fraud flow where you click into the transaction and go to the bottom and click the button with all the red text.

Which puts people into a better fraud flow, than reaching out to in-app chat (which maybe closed).

Might go grab some popcorn for this thread :popcorn:


If @Revels is the one giving the most helpful information then you know things have gone wrong in the world. Next someone will suggest that @Ordog isn’t the rudest person on here, and he even had a special forum badge made for him so their could be no possible confusion…


What? People were giving badges out, and I didn’t get one?! :sob:

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You’ve got to be far ruder for far longer. The fact that you didn’t even know about the rudeness badge was because others decided not to tell you about it in an act of defiant rudeness. Most of us could only dream of being that rude.


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