Reporting Fraudulent Active Card Checks

I have had active card checks appear on my card from unrecognised places - when my card had not been used, I suspect that someone has managed to get my details and is seeing if the card is live (having dealt with Merchant accounts I have seen this before) - I tried using chat, but could only cancel and replace my card.

Can something be done that the transaction can be reported - and investigated to prevent others being hit by the same account?

Hope that made sense

Hi. Welcome.

If you tap the transaction, you can scroll down and there’s “There’s something wrong” or wording like that, and you can report it that way.

Just under that in grey text will be the merchant ID, does that match what it says in your feed?

In your main feed (where the card is at the top), click account > about 2/3 down is “I need a new card” and there’s the option to replace it because of fraud/theft.

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