Don’t recognise active card check

But the help section doesn’t give me an opportunity to report it because it’s not an actual transaction. Any ideas how I can find out who it is / what it is etc? Thanks.

Hi Jess,

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There should be a name of the merchant which did the active card check?

I’ve searched the name and it’s a merchant platform, like PayPal, with no identifying reference for who the small business is. It’s called Legl, they claim to have thousands of small companies using them and no way to identify whom the individual company doing the active card check is.

I would freeze my card if I were you, just in case.


Could be that the company itself is legit, but is used by a service onto which a fraudster is trying to add your (compromised) card, thus the card check. I would replace it just in case.

Good info above,

If you click on the check, and scroll down it should have to more info slightly greyed out.

It will be a long string with Legl somewhere in it, it may give you more clues.

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