♻️ Repeating Notes & Tags?

So I use Monzo mainly to check frequent spending by searching the hashtag and seeing how much I’ve spent on #ADOBECC (for example) so far this year. Of course, as this is a monthly subscription service, I am billed monthly on the date same, the same amount of money each time. Also, adding emojis helps me quickly visualise what is what.

The most frustrating thing is having to go into the transaction and add the same copy and pasted note each time so it matches the other transactions of the same type. With multiple subscription services coming out of my account, I’m doing this 5/6/7 times a month, EACH month and I’ve had enough now.

What I would LOVE is to not have to do this more than once. My suggestion is adding the option to automatically add notes and tags to subscriptions, or maybe add a notes suggestion from the notes history. This option could be a lot more dynamic than a standard text box.

Can you not just search for the vendor name in the description? “Adobe” and it should show all the transactions and a total spent at the bottom??

I wouldn’t imagine the names of the subscriptions change much month to month? (week to week)

That isn’t my point. Why have a notes and hashtag system if it isn’t implemented well? The app could quite easily suggest frequent tags. Just saying there are better input methods than text boxes. It could be a hell of a lot more dynamic.


Apologies, I took from your opening sentence that you were checking frequent spending, so was looking at that which is currently possible without having any notes/hashtags.

I do agree though that the Notes functionality could be improved as you suggest.