Repeating Notes/Note Suggestions

I regularly buy lunch from the same supermarket most weekdays. I then go into the purchase notes to add an emoji, a couple of words and a hashtag so I can track how much I have spent at the end of the month by searching said hashtag - as this is the only way to differentiate it from other purchase categorised as “eating out”. See screenshot.

But the problem is, every transaction starts off blank. This means I currently have to hand type or copy and paste this every day on every purchase. It takes ages doing this five times a week every single time. It would be great if there was a way to repeat notes, either some logic-based system that sees the location/shop and the time of day etc to suggest the notes automatically … or simply just a list of maybe the five previous notes that we can select from a list or menu. The alphabetical hashtag list suggestion that was added recently is pretty much useless when there are a hundred to scroll through!


You can utilise Plus/Premium by creating new categories and tag by this instead. Completely hashes your current set up though and costs you £5pm to do it.

A simple memory of previous tags though such as it does with payment references wouldn’t go a miss.

I thought it may be possible for you to achieve something similar to what you want using IFTTT

  1. IF spend at a particular merchant
  2. THEN add a specific note

Unfortunately, although this trigger is available, the action does not seem to be available.

Within IFTTT there is an option to suggest new actions, although who knows if Monzo is still dedicating any time to development of IFTTT-related features :man_shrugging:

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Another thought….

On iOS, in keyboard settings you can configure text expansions of short phrases. This enables you type the short phrase as a shortcut to typing the associated longer phrase.

If you’re on Android I imagine the same thing is possible, either via an OS feature or via an app.

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