Creating a way so that people always categorise their spending and use Hashtags


At the moment I am trying to spend less on certain things. I guess this is what a lot of people are doing from what i read on the forums.

One of the ways you can have insights into how much you spend on things is obviously categorising each transaction or using hashtags. That way you can find out how much you are spending on certain things. I am trying to spend less on coffee and alcohol so all alcohol related transactions are #boozing.

Problem with this is sometimes i might forget to do it. So i was thinking if there could be a neat way for Monzo to tell me if i hadn’t looked at a transaction. I was thinking every time you make a payment you get a red 1 above the app icon. Most people hate these and want to get rid of them so if the red one stayed there until you had looked at the transaction categorised it or wrote notes hashtags etc so it would incentivise you to make it go away. perhaps it wouldn’t work that way, maybe it would be a weekly reminder of transactions that I hadn’t clicked on to change category from the automated category choice.

I know there are transactions I have missed. It would be great to while I have a bit of spare time to look at the transactions i hadn’t categorised or written notes on when I had a bit of spare time.