Rename retailers & use own image

(Oliver Ford) #1

One of the outlets at my university, Imperial, appears with the name “Eastside Bar And Restu” and with no image.

It would be great if I could rename this from the presumably-too-long-and-so-clipped name above to simply “Eastside”, which would be unambiguous to me and anyone who goes there - this could be a local-only change with the option of suggesting it for ‘global’ change, which could then be accepted by, say X community votes or Monzo staff.

It would also be great to be able to contribute images for icons - again, local-only changes with the option to submit. Alternatively just fall-back on Google Maps instead of leaving them blank.

(Tom) #2

I’m guessing you’re on android? :robot:

On iOS there is a button which says “Something wrong? tell us!” which can be used to report things such as this, whereas they haven’t yet built the same functionality into the android app. Hopefully they should be introducing this soon (I’m on android as well!). :smile:

(Oliver Ford) #3

Ah… okay thanks Tom.

Unfortunately seems Android is quite a way behind iOS - none of those pretty graphs shown in all the screenshots either :frowning:

Still - perspective - my Lloyds app doesn’t do this and there’s no (reasonable) way for me to suggest that it does; far less that they’d listen.

(Tom) #4

The team are working fast towards feature parity between the apps. As you can see from the “Transparent Product Roadmap” - - most of the missing features should be coming within the next 3 months! :smile:


Those pretty graphs also need a full calendar month of data, so as soon as they are ready for Android, you will have that data to be able to see the graph. It’s a bonus :smiley:

(Josh Bray) #6

Hi there,

If you jump on the beta stream you’ll get features a lot quicker than the stable builds.

(Oliver Ford) #7

I’m already on it :wink:

Thanks though :slight_smile:

(Andy Little) #8

I think it would be handy to rename retailers locally at some point in the future, so that they display differently to you.
I’ve just made a purchase online and the name of the retailer “” appears, this is the name the retailer said would appear on any statements so as far as Monzo’s systems are concerned everything is fine. Sadly it’s not really that helpful a name.

I know I can simply add it as a note, but I’d say renaming your retailers is a ‘nice to have sometime down the line’ feature.

(Oliver Ford) #9

Yep - another major example is Google.

Monzo displays “Services”, which is obviously not at all helpful; if I dig into it the full name (as I would expect to see on a traditional bank statement) is “GOOGLE *SERVICES CA”.

I’m not sure why it chose “SERVICES” from that, to be honest even the whole thing, however ugly, would have been preferable, since it is at least descriptive.

(Rika Raybould) #10

It’s an edge case that can be reported in the iOS app (coming to Android soon™).

The reason this is done is because many different payment systems use this format and putting their name before the real merchant’s name. Main one being PayPal using “PAYPAL *” as well as I believe Google’s merchant payment system and Amazon Payments.

(Matt Heath) #11

Hey @OJFord!

You’ve unfortunately discovered an example of the limited data we receive about transactions! :grimacing: We split on the star by default as MasterCard defines everything after a star (like in this example) as being the name of the “sub merchant” :convenience_store: For shops with iZettle/PayPal devices (or similar) this works quite well, and the sub-merchant name is correct, but in some specific cases larger merchants use this to provide receipt IDs or other unique transaction descriptions and it doesn’t work :sob:

As you’ve probably seen we try to process these automatically, and are constantly tweaking our systems to improve this automatic matching. On iOS you can submit merchant feedback which we then review, but in this case (now we’ve seen some examples) we should be able to add a custom rule to fix these in the future! :tada:

PS. If you’re up for a thrilling read check out section 5.7.2 of this document which has some more info! :wink: :credit_card::dash: