Rename budget categories

I have a weekly allowance for food, spending on myself, spending on my son and fuel. I was going to organise this in the pots and transfer it as I go, but I need to calculate it to exact pence and the pots are rounded to 5s. I would like to use the budget section but I need to be able to rename the categories and set it to weekly instead of monthly. Can this be looked at? Thanks!


You can change the amount you want to add to a pot by simply pressing the amount (i.e. don’t use the [ - ] or [ + ] buttons) and a numeric keypad will be shown. You can then manually select the exact amount you want to add to a pot.


I felt so silly when my other half pointed this out to me :rofl:

Happens to the best of us!

Thanks! That helps a lot and means I can use Monzo. It would still be good be able to rename the budget categories so I’m not transferring money from pots at the til.

Are the hashtags something that could help you here?
Could you use two together - perhaps a week number of the year and then a purpose?

So fuel spent in this week could have #w9 and #fuel.

Then you can search by either or both.