Removing stains from clothes?

Got some new clothes and ocd about little marks and stains
Before I go any buy anything from the super market what do you guys recommend?

It hugely depends on what the stain is. The advice will be different for red wine compared to blood, vs oil or grease or whatever is.

If they are delicate items you could hand wash with a bit of Vanish or something. Or just put them in the washing machine.


Ok thanks dude
I need some for “fabric” right ?

I tried my flash anti stain but read the back after and it said do not use on clothes :man_facepalming:

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Once you get to the aisle that has washing powder etc you’ll see the stain remover products, to be fair they all pretty much do the same thing just check the container to see if it’s suitable for whatever the stain is and the material


Thanks guys got some vanish stuff which works great :+1:t4:

Don’t ask Bill Clinton for his advice.

Sorry couldn’t resist! I’ll flag my own comment :joy::joy::joy:

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Really hope I didn’t damage my white t shirt by putting flash on it lol in the wash now will have to wait and see

White is fine, not like you’re going to take the colour out of it. :rofl:

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lol lesson learnt
The bleach mark was only visible whilst taking it off and holding it up to the light so hopefully a wash fixes it. Worst case I buy another one

Ok seems to be fine thankfully

It says to apply vanish then put the clothes in the wash. What happens if you apply it then don’t put it on the wash ?

The stain probably won’t come out

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This will probably damage your clothes also.

Once you’ve applied whatever chemical you’re using to remove the stain you need to wash it off not just leave it.

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Ok thanks
It does say on the back don’t leave it on any more than 5 minutes so best to follow it then

Stains are complicated things. I always have to use the internet to look up the best instructions for removing a stain, after having found out the hard way that sometimes washing straight away with hot water sets the stain instead of cleaning it out. :speak_no_evil:

Red wine is the classic one for this for me! I ruined so many shirts before I was taught that you have to soak them in cold water first!

Well today I learnt something!

I’m terrible with stains. I have a two year old. All of her, and most of my, clothes are second hand and/or cheap. If it doesn’t come out in a wash it usually goes in the bin or becomes “homeware” if it’s not too noticeable. Does that make me a slob/environment destroyer?

I hope all your floors are wood or concrete, if you have carpets then toilet training is going to be a nightmare for you.

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That’s true! We’ve already tackled potty training and I am no stranger to scrubbing carpets! :joy:

Hey guys

In terms of washing clothes is capsules or tablets better ? And are softeners necessary?

Neither, purely down to what you prefer. I’ve got Smol capsules on subscription, and I also use Splosh liquid (nice smell) (not to be confused with I’ve also got standard tablets from supermarkets I’m using up.


I use smol too!

Capsules are much more convenient than other methods, but it’s hard to find any that are both ethical and good at cleaning, since the usual tried and tested ethical brands don’t make (good) capsules. Smol satisfies what I’m looking for in a laundry capsule though I can’t stand their marketing spiel.

I did try Splosh a while back for other cleaning products but wasn’t satisfied overall, so I’ll stick with Method.

I wash almost everything on the super eco cycle on a Samsung washing machine (essentially a cold wash), and run the tub clean much more regularly to compensate for it. I never use fabric softener or conditioner, but if you do use those products, never use them when you’re washing towels!