(Bob) #1

This is what happens to your Monzo shirt when your housemate takes it from the ‘delicates’ pile and washes it at 40 degrees :sob:

(Adam Williams) #2

Ouch… I’ve done that before with a tumble dryer. Will have to be careful when I eventually get around to buying a Monzo tee


Was it turned inside out? I find that always helps.

(Bob) #4

I think it’s marked wash only, or 30 degrees, something like that. The girls I live with keep a delicates pile for the weekend wash, but I guess they took exception to my black XL t-shirt going in with their smalls :joy:

(Bob) #5

It probably was, most of my tees go in inside out. I think the temperature killed it!

(Eve) #6

From the photo, it looks like a pretty cool “distressed” effect tbh. I bet that’s devastating though :frowning:

(James Billingham) #7

Huh I regularly wash my Monzo tees at 40 degrees then tumble dry them on high. Never had any issues.

(Tommy Long) #8

Yeah, 40 degrees isn’t a “hot” wash, it’s pretty standard

(Bob) #9

Well perhaps it was the 1400 rpm spin speed as opposed to the 800 rpm on a delicates wash.

Either way my tee was wrecked on its first non-delicates wash :disappointed:

Just wanted to warn others before suffering the same fate!

(Naji Esiri) #10

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: @BobT PM me with your size and address and I’ll see what we can dig out for you!

(Bob) #11

Thanks @Naji youre a :star:

(Jon Crozier) #12

This happened to me too! :frowning: First wash at 40 degrees and it came out just like that.

I’ve bought another but now a bit too precious about it and not even worn it yet! Will stick to 30 degrees though in future!

Worth mentioning is that Rapanui (who prints and sells the t-shirts for Monzo) will give you £5 credit if you send back by Freepost any t-shirts you buy from them when you no longer want them.

(Izzy) #14

How do yu get your hands on a Monzo tshirt?

(Bob) #15

Try the Monzo shop: