Getting A Tattoo

Thinking of getting a Tattoo done, just a little one with my initials.

I’ve been on " DaFont " and took pictures of the ones which look good, never had a tattoo before so could anyone advise me on how to approach it properly?


Why would you want a tattoo of your own initials?
I’ve been meaning to get a couple of tattoos, I found some cool designs that I like but never got around to it.

Because they are the same as my mums, dads and grandads. And just wanted something basic.


Ah, right. Yeah that sounds cool. Have you decided on what font to use?

I’ve took a photo of a few, and will ask my family which one looks best

Research a tattoo artist (most shops have websites) and find someone who does stuff you like the look of.

Letters/font is pretty easy so shouldn’t need much “design” but they’ll need to know size, placement, and what you want (will it have a background, any colour etc). Book a consultation, pay deposit, sort a date, then buzz buzz buzz!!

Aftercare is important. They will advise but typically bepanthen and cling film for a day or two. Wash it gently regularly (don’t soak it).

Ohh and eat before you go!!

And ask the tattoo artist questions and if you don’t feel comfortable with them, WALK AWAY and find someone else. I’d always suggest a place that does “custom designs” over anywhere that does flash (pre-designed) work as their focus, the former more likely to be artists and focussed on doing a good job not just churning out another tattoo to get paid.



I saw the words tattoo and I am here!

Okay you need to first think about spacing between letters as when it ages 5 plus years the ink spreads and you don’t want it becoming a blob. You also need to think about size and placement and the fact that the tattoo will be pointing down (like readable for everyone else but not you).

Most artist will do it in many fonts for you and will tell you what works and what will not work. You won’t go to the uk’s best tattoo shop but please find somewhere with good straight linework (I can help look if you don’t know what I mean).

Any questions just ask!

Go in to a local tattoo parlour. They’ve usually got a bunch of artists who will take whatever your design is and rework it slightly, unless you insist what you have is exactly what you want. They’ll know which artist can do that style best.

I got one last summer and am still in love with it. It’s a geometric wolf design that I found online, but they customised ti in their style and it looks fabulous.

I think it’s becoming “cool” these days to not have a tattoo.


Always make sure any spelling is correct.


Most shops make you sign a form that says they are not responsible for spellings :joy:

If you are getting a tattoo just to be “cool” it’s probably not a good commitment for you :joy:.
Get them if you love them.


To add to everyones great advice. Find a good artist (look at their portfolio, their social media etc to check you like their work) and then go to the studio in person to meet them and book your appointment. If they act like an entitled tool then leave. Some studios are trying too hard to be “tough” or “cool” and forgetting about the clients experience.

I’ve spent thousands with an artist who has the most amazing work AND an incredible supportive personality and peaceful studio. Don’t make a memory where you had to put up with a git to get the ink. I’ve been there done that :smile:

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Who do you go to? Just being noisy. I go to ryanlucatattoo and Danielle Taylor. I have had a few done in a shop called Immortal ink in Chelmsford too.

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I had two tattoos done at 18 and I wish I could turn back time and have them taken away now.

Nick Horn at Storyville Tattoo in Dulwich South London. He is FABULOUS!


I’m so impressed that people know themselves well enough to commit to a drawing for life… not for me

I have a friend who had laser treatment on it to get rid of a drunken mistake one. Have you thought about that? Have to admit they aren’t for everyone.

Got two bottom legs full… No going back now :rofl: most are family remembrance pieces.

Got it booked for next week.
Are they relatively safe ? I’m only having one about 2x2inch at the most
Just underneath the wrist on my forearm

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