Removing stains from clothes?

I’ll be on smol once my current lot for the supermarket run out, prob get my order in within the next couple of weeks.

Just need to find a fabric conditioner to use next


If anyone has bobbly/frizzy clothes I recommend the jml bobble off
It gets rid of bobbles on clothes and make them look brand new
£8 from Argos

If you get a stain on clothes I heard you have to instantly treat it and then put it in the wash? What if you are not at home and can’t put it in the wash immediately?

Or is the whole immediate thing just a myth ?

If you’re not at home, you have to rush as quick as possible. If you’re in a pub, you can ask to use their sink.

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It can depend on the stain. The sooner you treat a stain the better, but how soon after you should wash it, or how you should wash it can vary by stain. I wouldn’t worry too much about stains. You can treat them with just about any laundry detergent containing enzymes, by rubbing some of the liquid into the clothes before washing. Dri-Pak liquid soap is a usual recommendation, and I’m sure you’ll be able to do something using distilled vinegar too.

You might find places like r/howtodolaundry and r/internetparents useful for help, tips and recommendations for things like this :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate for the info

I’ve used vanish gel so far and it seems good :+1:t4:

You can’t really go wrong with products dedicated at removing stains, just be sure you follow their instructions to the letter. I’ve always used this for removing any pet accidents from carpets. It’s the only effective product I’ve found that always works at both removing the stain and the odour, without needing to clean afterwards besides vacuuming. I suspect it would work on clothes too, if ever you find Vanish isn’t quite up to the task.

It depends not only on stains, but also on the material of the clothes. So, it is important to pay attention to this when choosing a stain remover.

You don’t need a fabric conditioner with Smol, it leaves everything lovely and soft. I use white vinegar instead of conditioner simply because I suffer from ocd and worry about germs.

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I’m a bit addicted to conditioner but I’ll try without